Black Ops 6 Devs Have Been Playtesting for "2 Years," Possible References to Gulf War, 9/11 Spotted

Treyarch has been playtesting Black Ops 6 for over two years, as references possibly pointing to the Gulf War and 9/11 have been spotted.

Huey_My_D_Long27d ago

Ok, definitely more interested in the Gulf war setting, I wonder if we will ever see a call of duty game set in Iraq war, outside of "6 Days in Fallujah" since it wasn't cod.


WOW another original game, I didn't see this coming at all.😑 They can't make anything new, guess they don't know how.


We don't need another COD, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry every fucking year. It's like the game industry only knows these franchises. I'm a big fan of Zelda, Mario, Metroid but I do not want a new game from either of them every year. Look at GTA while I think that's way too long between 5 and 6 (it should be at the most 4-5yrs) at least it's not every year.

fsfsxii25d ago

Make an original game then, because it sounds like all you di is complain like a man child about an entertainment industry.

PRIMORDUS25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

That's their job, they are not paying me. What about Beyond Good and Evil 2, also that Splinter Cell remake should been out and done and put Assassin's Creed & Far Cry on back burner for a few more years. They all can make original open world games but they want to make the same thing over and over. This industry needs new IP's not the same stale shit every yr. If I had the chance to tell them off in their face, I wouldn't hesitate for a second.

Tankbusta4026d ago

Coming at you 140gbs day 1.....and wait there is more!!!! 50gb day one patch!

dveio26d ago

Yeah, obviously playtesting the shit out of crappy lastgen versions, because it's four years into PS5 and Series already.

You know what I have thought about lately?

What IF Sony (if Sony is legally allowed to do that ofc), what if Sony counters and announces the Xbox day-one strategy for select titles such as CoD?

Putting CoD for free on PS Plus lowest tier. And just earning from the microtransaction revenues.

With ONE simple move an aquisition worth $70bn would have been beat.

FPS_D3TH26d ago

This take screams idk wtf I’m talking about

dveio26d ago

Why? Just explain. You seem confident in your judgement.

Slootyscooty777726d ago

You don't understand much about media rights do ya lol

dveio26d ago

I understand the difference between an explanation and just a statement, that's for sure.

You came back replying. Why not use the time then at least for explaining your argument to people?

Maybe this time?

Ra303026d ago

"Black Ops 6 Devs Have Been Playtesting for 2 Years"

Well this is total BS "if" the Black OPS devs are playtesting a Call d Duty game. They been been playtesting this since 2005'ish when they where making Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 for 2007 release. Whatever they release in the fall 2024 if its called Call of Duty its nothing more than a remaster of the same game that was released in 2007 and its sad the
"Black Ops 6 Devs Have Been Playtesting for 2 Years" like its something new like using your controller and aiming your weapon and firing said weapon mechanics have changed and its all new........its all BS....the same game for almost 20yrs now.....nothing new!

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Black Ops 6 Forcing Always-Online To Minimize Size Doesn't Exactly Sound Convincing

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 plans to go always-online to minimize the file size, but the question is, is that really the only reason?

XiNatsuDragnel1d 15h ago (Edited 1d 15h ago )

It's bs either way because go multiple discs, go f2p, or you know what Don't go always online.

gold_drake1d 11h ago

the real question we should ask is, why is it so big?
is it bad optimisation?

cause warzone was also huge in filesize for no good reason.

Inverno3h ago

The problem, and personally I see it as a problem, is that devs refuse to make things like high rez textures and dubs an optional download. Since I've switched to DECK I've held back from buying or downloading any game that requires to download a full 60+ gigs. I still remember those BF3 update sizes on PS3, for content i wasn't going to even bother accessing.

Tankbusta404h ago

The always online will be for ads. Its plain and simple...this is the first COD on gamepass so its no wonder that this version mysteriously needs an online connection for single player. One month after the game comes out the ads will start and they will be very intrusive...it has nothing to do with file size. The ads wont be in the review copies but they are coming

Inverno3h ago

for texture streaming? Just gimme lower Rez textures then.

MisterWoogie3h ago

Do people really still care about this 'always online' stuff?

ocelot073h ago

As someone who had just a internet outage for a few days and only access to 4g on my phone.

If I had just spent £70 on a game that has a single player mode. I would fully expect to be able to access that single player mode while my internet is down.

MisterWoogie23m ago

You're right there mate. For single player campaigns I don't get why it can't be offline.

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Xbox Game Pass is about to get an influx of players once Black Ops 6 launches

Activision's day-one launch of Black Ops 6 on Game Pass means the subscription service is about to get a massive influx of players.

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gold_drake2d ago

i wouldnt be so sure of that. it will definitely see a spike.

Sonic18812d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I believe it will see a spike, but I also believe it's going to lose a lot of profit and sells as well because it's on gamepass, at least for short-term. In long-term it might do well if subscribers stay with gamepass

crazyCoconuts2d ago

There are so many different scenarios to model to figure out what the net impact will be. Without the details that only MS has access to, it's impossible to know the net impact of this. Intuitively I want to say they need to raise the price of GamePass but I'm not sure even about that.

VenomUK2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

For this gamble to work, meaning putting Call of Duty on Game Pass and new subs profits outweighing lost retail sales, Microsoft will have to attract PlayStation owners to buying an Xbox and then get them to subscribe to Game Pass. I doubt this will happen to any meaningful degree, I just think the move will kill all the Call of Duty Xbox retail revenue and hastened Microsoft valuing third party console profits most.