Black Ops 6 hides Gulf War plot and Adler return clues in plain sight

Its official Call of Duty fans, Black Ops 6 is the name of Treyarch’s next entry, and three vital details are now confirmed for the new FPS.

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Yppupdam19d ago

Well, Adler is obviously influenced by Robert Redford and all the movies he was Prolific in the 70's and 80's. "3 Days of the Condor" comes to mind, even though he was a black site analyst that was in over his head in that movie.

got_dam17d ago

Got Spy Game vibes, for sure.


Black Ops 6 couch co-op will be available on current-gen consoles, not on older platforms

Treyarch's Call of Duty Black Ops 6 will only have couch co-op for current-gen consoles and will also require a constant internet connection.

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franwex1h ago

That’s lame. Previous COD let you turn off texture streaming. I’m okay with playing current gen with slightly worse graphics and being able to play offline.

CDbiggen26m ago

Modern COD games have sucked for couch play of any kind in the last few years. Lan play for PS4 would be nice though.


Black Ops 6 Campaign Length 'In Line" With Classic COD Titles; Game in Development for 4 Years

Black Ops 6's campaign length falls "in line" with other Call of Duty titles. Treyarch confirms development time is longer than past CODs.


Black Ops 6 Gameplay Reveal Trailer Skyrockets to Become Most Watch Call of Duty Trailer of All-Time

it's official! Black Ops 6's gameplay reveal trailer is now the most watched Call of Duty trailer of all-time beating out Infinite Warfare.

Reaper22_1d 6h ago

Cant wait to play it. Looks awesome!

BrockEmSockEm7h ago

They barely showed gameplay of actually playing. It's all just in-game cutscenes and cinematics