Xbox failed Ninja Theory with the release of Hellblade 2

Amaar writes: "Xbox failed Ninja Theory with the release of Hellblade 2, and while the game looks phenomenal, we know that doesn't always matter."

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Reaper22_31d ago

Click bait article. Who approves this stuff? Ninja Theory will be fine. The game is really good.vit seem m9st of the hate is coming from people who prefer playstation.

CrimsonWing6931d ago (Edited 31d ago )

They have 2 projects in the works right now. Also, there’s talk that Hellblade 3 has been greenlit.


northpaws30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

More projects in the work also means a lot of upcoming costs to keep the company running. If MS not happy with Hellblade 2 performances, it can be cut.

Of course I want them to survive, but be honest to yourself, a short single player game is not making MS any money, especially it is day one on gamepass as well.

CrimsonWing6930d ago


I’m honest with myself and they’ll be just fine.

VenomUK30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I haven’t played any of the Hellblade games, my understanding is that the latest is (according to the snippets of reviews I’ve read) a spectacular looking but shortish indie game. My question is, why did Xbox promote THIS game so hard for five years? It made sense to reveal an exclusive alongside the Xbox Series X reveal at the Game Awards at the end of 2019. But after that it was heavily promoted through Microsoft’s conferences that everyone had the expectation that it would be a bigger game, some even referred to it as a God of War: Ragnarok killer. it was being promoted nearly as hard as Halo Infinite. It wasn’t until early this year that Microsoft clarified exactly what kind of game it would be.

So what happened, did the scope of the game change and it was made shorter? Or was it always a smaller game and Aaron Greenberg misled with OTT marketing? I don’t know but this lack of transparent communication by Microsoft with its customers seems to be why gamers have a sense of unfulfilled expectations with Hellblade II.

Tal16930d ago

Hard disagree. That's like saying, 'I'm going to plan a holiday in 3 years because that way I know the world will be around''. It just doesn't work that way. The studio closures sadly show that no one immunue. I really hope Ninja Theory stick around - the first Hellblade was absolutely exceptional.

Notellin30d ago

Man that stinks. Greenlighting another Hellblade game is a massive waste of their time and talent. Just driving the final nail in the coffin at this point.

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ChasterMies31d ago

I’m sure Ninja Theory will be as safe from layoff as Tango Gameworks.

Chevalier30d ago


Working on a new project really saved Tango from closing too..... oh wait

Zenzuu31d ago

Why are you salty or so defensive always mentioning Playstation?

Crows9030d ago

By mentioning PlayStation he discredits all PlayStation since he lumped all criticism into the PlayStation camp....which is of course false.

Elda31d ago

I own all 3 current consoles (XBSX,PS5 & Switch) & from my experience Hellblade 2 is boring.

Amplitude30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

It's embarrassing that there's even console fanboys anymore when the "battle" between the multi billion dollar companies is so one-sided. HiFi Rush and HellBlade 2 are absolute gems no matter where you play them. So is almost everything Sony has outputted this year. Chill tf out and play games - the devs do *not* care about which company and practically-identical-in-hardw are plastic box you support. Dweebs.

neutralgamer199230d ago


on this site we can't have any mature conversation because anyone saying something negative is hating on that brand. There is a reason so many publishers take advantage of gamers because they know most are too busy with their fanboy nonsense

gammaray1330d ago

buddy, i have a high end pc, ps5, a xbox series x, im playing the game on my pc and its farkin trash, so pull your head out of your ass mate as its hated by everyone except from people who were born without a brain

TheEroica30d ago

Agreed... Click bait opinion article. Everyone has opinions.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash30d ago

Its a glorified walking simulator. Stop it.

Bathyj30d ago

That's a lot of crap. Most of the harshest reviews seem to be from people who were big fans of hellblade 1. They have legitimate gripes and you can't gloss over them. The gameplay is almost an after thought and 80% of the game is literally just walking.

On the flip side of the coin most of the positive reviews seem to be from Xbox centric channels or people that really want Xbox to have a w. This *game* is no it.

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CrimsonWing6931d ago

Do we have the numbers yet? Like what makes you say Xbox failed them?

Plague-Doctor2730d ago

We know it's Steam peak CCU so far is less than Hi Fi Rush, but it hasn't had its first weekend yet.

I don't think Xbox failed them because they seemed pretty hands off and let them make the game NT wanted to make. Time will tell if Xbox/MS is OK with that

koga8830d ago

Not saying that the game is doing good, who knows what the sales are or if they'll ever be revealed, but I always see people touting out the Steam CCU for Xbox/PC releases and saying the game is doing bad because of it. Yes, the game came out on Steam but it is also playable on PC through Xbox Game Pass, which is run through the Xbox App on Windows.

Meaning that anyone who wants to play it on PC and has Game Pass will do just that, run it through the app. Why buy it on Steam and have it running through there when it literally just runs on the PC's Xbox app? No one playing that method will be registered at all on Steam's CCU so using that as a reference is always going to be flawed. Of course, saying that it is registering lower than Hi-Fi Rush is also a bad sign, but also $50 game isn't quite equal to a $30 game.

TheCaptainKuchiki30d ago

Hellblade was NEVER a big selling game tho.
Idk why some people think it's a huge AAA game. It used to be an A niche game and that's all. The fact that MS purchased them doesn't change that.

anast30d ago

That's quite low. HiFi Rush had a low peak.

Plague-Doctor2730d ago


True, but those same circumstances apply to Hi Fi Rush which is why I used that game and not something else.

And yeah people use Steam CCU cause it's the only publicly shared numbers we get anymore. Obviously it's not perfect especially when there are plenty of other avenues to play a game, but you can definitely compare Steam CCU between Hi Fi Rush, Hellblade 2, and Redfall for instance and make estimations.

TiredGamer30d ago

The problem with this thought is that is that had it been a normal release and gotten even a little bit of marketing, the true potential of the title might have been realized. No developer wants to pour their passion into a project only to see it overlooked and become a market failure. There's pride in knowing something you've created has been successful on a larger scale than just a few niche hardcore players.

JEECE30d ago


Even engaging with the assumption that a substantial chunk of the Steam user base also subscribes to Gamepass on PC (which has never been proven, it as always just presumed by people trying to explain away low Steam concurrent numbers), you at minimum have to compare Hellblade 2's steam concurrents to other games available on GP. Others have mentioned Hi-Fi Rush, which you imply got higher concurrents because it is a cheaper game. How about Starfield then? It is $70, but its Steam concurrents exceeded 330,000 around launch. Heck, even Redfall had concurrents over 6,000.

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shinoff218330d ago

Mt guess would be, no real actual marketing campaign. I haven't seen one thing about it this whole time put out by Ms. I did finally see something last night at like 3am(I work 2nd shift) when I started up a show on prime video. The ad was for hellblade 2.