Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 is Not the Huge Win for Xbox That We All Wanted it to Be

Ninja Theory's latest is an impressive accomplishment in more ways than one, but it isn't the flag-in-the-ground moment many had hoped it would be.

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H925d ago

A four hour playable movie was never going to be the big win for a console

piroh25d ago

Remember when xbox fans laugh at The order 1886? Well...

H925d ago

Xbox fans hate every until it comes to their console

darthv7225d ago

^^the same can be said about the flip side.

Zeref25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I didn't give af about The Order to have any thoughts on it. Nobody did. You're projecting my guy.

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Eonjay25d ago

It's more of a UE5 tech/art demo.

darthv7225d ago

...and things can only get better from here. Imagine what UE6 can bring to the table.

Eonjay25d ago

Right. I assume games like Gears 5 will make this look tame by comparison plus it will be built with GamePlay in mind.

helicoptergirl25d ago

Steam peak-player count is super low. Lower even than the original. In regards to selling copies/subs and making a profit in some way, I'd bet everything I own on it being a complete and utter failure. But I wouldn't shut them down. They need to expand and be more ambitious and ramp up production. Hope their next game is something special.

MeteorPanda25d ago

this l don't understand. This game is explorative, its not ever going to be a big hit but a very enjoyable short experience. Not every game has to be so many hours. The devs were happy with their end product.

Barlos25d ago

Only certain obscure observers thought it would be. The rest of us could see it was never going to shift systems or be a massive hit.

Redgrave25d ago


heh heh

certain obscure observers

TheKingKratos25d ago

That guy/girl have been "Obscure" for some time now

Hofstaderman25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Some really obscure alt accounts last couple of weeks....

SonyStyled24d ago

Fortunately he’s okay and back working now

lucasnooker25d ago

Great graphics does not mean a great game… it peaks interest but at the end of the day we want both in one! Looking at you GTA VI. Rockstar, come show us how it’s done!