Star Wars: Vader Immortal: Episode I - Celebrating 5 Years of Immersive VR Adventure

Celebrate the 5th anniversary of Star Wars: Vader Immortal: Episode I. Discover its groundbreaking VR experience, engaging story, and impact on the Star Wars universe.

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DazaMc31d ago

Can we have a PSVR 2 version please.


Vader Immortal Invades Retail With a Physical Special Edition

PP: Vader Immortal: A Star Wars Series for PSVR has finally gotten a retail release after spending light years stuck in digital hyperspace.

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darthv721102d ago

Mine should be arriving from bestbuy any day now.

Nicknasty1100d ago

I also ordered from Best Buy and mine says Tuesday. Usually release date shipping always arrives on the same day. Not sure why taking longer this time, oh well. Looks like a great VR game!


Vader Immortal Special Edition Releases June 18th for PSVR

PP: The brilliant Vader Immortal VR series is getting an official special retail edition for PSVR and it’s coming this summer. ILMxLAB and Perp Games are teaming up to bring players a very special edition of Vader Immortal for PSVR this summer.

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Puty1137d ago

Special Edition? Who do these guys think they are? George Lucas?

ApocalypseShadow1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

More episodes please. Or add some extra content like fight training with Luke, Obi, Darth, Yoda, etc in the dojos.

I'm a Star Trek fan and even I like this game.

Ratchet751137d ago

Psvr is the worst version tbh.
I bought it and realized there were only Teleportation movements compared to the oculus version.


PlayStation Store: September’s Top Downloads

With strong showings from NBA 2K21, FIFA 20, Rocket League, Spellbreak, Genshin Impact, Vader Immortal, and more.

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