Vader Immortal: Episode 1 PSVR Gameplay

The new patch is out and it fixed one of the biggest issues with the chapter. Here is a look at the combat of the final part of chapter.

mrsolidsteel201375d ago

Damn this guy or girl f&8king sucks.

They're really making this game look non fun, they way they're swinging the light saber.

Garethvk1375d ago

I was just goofing around but note that I took them all down and did not die so there is that. Please post yours as I would love to see how you make the game more fun.

mrsolidsteel201375d ago

I don't have to post anything.

For one, I don't have the game, but I do plan on getting it someday.

Secondly, I enjoy games for myself, not for clicks like yourself.

But continue to goof around, I'm 100% sure there's someone out that will enjoy your BS videos.

Neonridr1375d ago

@mrsolidsteel20 - so satisfying having you be called out by the person who made the video. Especially when you don't have the game and have never played it.

mrsolidsteel201374d ago


Interesting, this guy was displaying the game in way that made the game uninteresting and that was solely based off the way he was playing the game.

I’m confused on this whole being “called out”, I wasn’t called out for anything.

This guy felt someway about my comment and that’s fine, he said his piece and I said mine.

But please stop acting like this guy is first one to be playing a game in way that turned you off from that title.

I’m not sure what you trying to accomplish with your comment, but you should think before you post.


Star Wars: Vader Immortal: Episode I - Celebrating 5 Years of Immersive VR Adventure

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DazaMc50d ago

Can we have a PSVR 2 version please.


Vader Immortal Invades Retail With a Physical Special Edition

PP: Vader Immortal: A Star Wars Series for PSVR has finally gotten a retail release after spending light years stuck in digital hyperspace.

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darthv721121d ago

Mine should be arriving from bestbuy any day now.

Nicknasty1119d ago

I also ordered from Best Buy and mine says Tuesday. Usually release date shipping always arrives on the same day. Not sure why taking longer this time, oh well. Looks like a great VR game!


Vader Immortal Special Edition Releases June 18th for PSVR

PP: The brilliant Vader Immortal VR series is getting an official special retail edition for PSVR and it’s coming this summer. ILMxLAB and Perp Games are teaming up to bring players a very special edition of Vader Immortal for PSVR this summer.

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Puty1156d ago

Special Edition? Who do these guys think they are? George Lucas?

ApocalypseShadow1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

More episodes please. Or add some extra content like fight training with Luke, Obi, Darth, Yoda, etc in the dojos.

I'm a Star Trek fan and even I like this game.

Ratchet751156d ago

Psvr is the worst version tbh.
I bought it and realized there were only Teleportation movements compared to the oculus version.