'Hellblade 2' Is A Cinematic Showcase That Shines — Until You Have To Play It - Inverse

'Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2' is a visually arresting epic held back by dry, tedious gameplay.

anast29d ago

"Until You Have To Play It" The score should be lower then, it is a game after all.

Cacabunga29d ago

Hate it or love it it seems like.. very basic gameplay with nothing new.
Pass on PS5 as well for me

TheProfessional29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

How is this different from the PS exclusives where gameplay=walking around plus exposition though? Alan wake 2 was also mostly a walking sim with the awful case board "gameplay" and barely any combat.

Recent narrative/cinematic games have too many sequences that are just slowly walking around without any actual gameplay or combat.

VersusDMC28d ago

The ps exclusives have a 10% walking to 90% great gameplay ratio. And Alan Wake 2 does have a front loaded long walking section but once it opens up there is tons of exploration and good gameplay. I think you're misrepresenting how much gameplay is in those games.

While Hellblade 2 seems to have a 50/50 ratio and going by reviews the gameplay is more boring than the walking.

So it's not really comparable.


Digital Foundry: Unreal Engine 5 | What Can Game Developers Learn From Hellblade 2?

Hellblade 2 is the most visually accomplished game seen so far in 2024 and a true UE5 showcase - and there's plenty PC developers can learn from it.

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purple1014d ago (Edited 4d ago )

they learnt series S can only manage 900p!! 😳

, - sorry I had to

this post on twitter, shows even worse.


dRanzer4d ago

They can learn not to do boring games 🫢

jznrpg4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

If you go for a graphic type game you better have a great story like Heavy Rain or have some good gameplay. Can’t make a game with amazing graphics but nothing to make you want to continue playing it.

PrinceOfAnger4d ago

What good gameplay in Death stranding , Detroit , heavy rain, until dawn ? you call press X to continue " cutscenes" fun games? I am sorry these are movie games or "tech-demos" too!

But i know some like this type of games.
Maybe Hellblade is not for you?


Elda4d ago

Every game you mentioned with the exception of Until Dawn I played to the very end & enjoyed them. I can't say that about Hellblade 2. I only played 2 hours which I forced myself to & I haven't gone back to it since & that was 2 weeks ago.

MrNinosan4d ago

You obviously didn't play Death Stranding.
And even Detroit, Heavy Rain, Beyond two Souls and Until Dawn is far more gameplay than Hellblade.

mkis0074d ago

You just mentioned a goty winner...are you only able to see the surface of things. Not capable of looking deeper?

P_Bomb4d ago

All those games had more gameplay or story than Hellblade 2. I’m still in ch.4 where I stalled out of boredom.

repsahj4d ago

I platinumed Detroit because of engaging story and gameplay dude.

andy854d ago

Detroit was outstanding storywise. How can you compare that? I played through it 4 times for different story paths

isarai4d ago

Good lord u made yourself look stupid, painfully obvious you haven't played any of those games.

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RhinoGamer884d ago

Good game design and designers are important.

Reaper22_4d ago

Hellblade 2 was good. I enjoyed the story and it's a real looker. Best looking game I've ever played.