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'Hellblade 2' Is A Cinematic Showcase That Shines — Until You Have To Play It - Inverse

'Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2' is a visually arresting epic held back by dry, tedious gameplay.

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Community58d ago
anast58d ago

"Until You Have To Play It" The score should be lower then, it is a game after all.

Cacabunga58d ago

Hate it or love it it seems like.. very basic gameplay with nothing new.
Pass on PS5 as well for me

TheProfessional58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

How is this different from the PS exclusives where gameplay=walking around plus exposition though? Alan wake 2 was also mostly a walking sim with the awful case board "gameplay" and barely any combat.

Recent narrative/cinematic games have too many sequences that are just slowly walking around without any actual gameplay or combat.

VersusDMC58d ago

The ps exclusives have a 10% walking to 90% great gameplay ratio. And Alan Wake 2 does have a front loaded long walking section but once it opens up there is tons of exploration and good gameplay. I think you're misrepresenting how much gameplay is in those games.

While Hellblade 2 seems to have a 50/50 ratio and going by reviews the gameplay is more boring than the walking.

So it's not really comparable.


Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 - Official Accolades Trailer

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 is an action-adventure game developed by Ninja Theory. Players will return to Senua's story through a brutal journey of survival through the myth and torment of Viking Iceland. Take a look at the latest trailer to garner the critical reception of Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2, available now for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC (Steam).

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Community20d ago
Lightning7720d ago

Cool, but the studio will get shut down still I think. Idc if MS said they won't, MS can't be trusted with anything.

They're extremely volatile with their words and action. They say one thing and do another consistently.

DarXyde20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

I'm curious about the specific language used regarding Ninja Theory's fate.

I've read secondhand accounts that mention Microsoft has "no plans to close Ninja Theory any time soon", which has some asterisks attached—namely because that article came out the day Hellblade II launched and there was no proper assessment of the game's performance relative to Microsoft's expectations. If they planned for the game to have a certain level of success and they missed the mark, that could trigger a change of plans. As well, if the talent they are most interested in leaves (I speculate this was the case with Mikami leaving Tango), that may well result in a change of plans too.

It wouldn't be fair to close them for not selling very well or increasing XGP subs to the level they expect. Ninja Theory has never been a gangbuster studio. The level of attention and care is absolutely there for their games, but they just don't perform well commercially. They never have, and if Microsoft closes them after acquiring them with the expectation that changes, that is just unfair.

But that said, they haven't been closed at this time and I don't want to accuse Microsoft of something they haven't done yet. I do expect it, but it hasn't happened. The recent closures came about a year after the most recent releases, so I guess we'll know better in 2025.

ChasterMies19d ago

“MS can't be trusted with anything.
They're extremely volatile with their words and action.”

When gamers learn that Microsoft is a giant corporation run but executives who have a fiduciary duty to make money for shareholders.

Noskypeno19d ago

It's not always about pleasing the lawyer Americans with the Brooklyn accent even if they live in LA. Microsoft could still keep the studio to make it look like they have more than just regular shooters. Alfredo sauce might not be as popular as marinara sauce on pizza but I sure am glad it's an option. This trillion dollar company needs to learn if its about supporting quality studios or cutting them off just because it didn't do spiderman numbers. I'm sure they would still be a trillion dollar company if they keep Ninja Theory, and also kept Arkane and Tango.

Lightning7719d ago

That's all companies. It's just that MS when it comes to this particular instance can't be trusted. Not after what they did to Tango.

Asterphoenix19d ago

That's pretty much the case the words never match with their actions with Microsoft. Well it's one of those things it will depend on how well Hellblade 2 does. Even their founder left recently but he was planning on leaving from the sounds of it.

Rynxie20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Melatonin 10/10 - "puts you to sleep"
Unisom 8/10 - "side effects include boredom, but puts you to sleep overall"
Zzzquil 7/10 - "6 hours of barely any gameplay, leaves a sour taste in your mouth, but helped patients fall asleep"
Quviviq 10/10 - "helped patients fall asleep and stay asleep"
Zolpidem 10/10 - helped patients form a more healthy sleeping pattern"
Zolpidem extended release 10/10 - "fast working sleep medicine. Recommended to take 1 hour before bedtime for full 8 hour uninterrupted sleep"

Hellblade 2 is so good at putting players to sleep, that doctors will now prescribe it to you, if you suffer from poor sleeping habits.

Rynxie20d ago

I forgot to include

Triazolam 9/10 - "you'll sleep longer than the game's story length"

The3faces20d ago

Sony's upcoming video game line up looks so lame and boring I figure PlayStation gamer's should all sleep like newborn babies.

Rynxie20d ago

Why are you mad? Aren't those the high review scores you Xbox fans were looking forward to? Maybe now, Ms won't shut them down.

Hypertension14020d ago (Edited 20d ago )


I honestly think Astrobot and Phantom Blade 0 look better gameplay wise than anything I've seen from Xbox this year.

AsimLionheart20d ago

Relax man. It is just a joke and a funny one at that. Nobody played the game despite the "accolades" and being on Game Pass. It wasn't even in the Top 100 games sold during its release. 90% did not even finish the game despite being so short... Hmmm, on second thought maybe it isn't a joke after all. People did fall asleep. LOL

Elda19d ago

Please provide the name of the game so we can laugh at you.

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babadivad19d ago

The only thing this game does better than the original is the graphics. The combat is slower, more simplistic, and believe it or not, more repetitive. The combat even has a free win button with the left trigger glyph activation.

You only fight one enemy at a time now as well so the fights take too long too. Sometimes you fight the same enemy 8 times in a row.

The voices in your head are no longer antagonist that make you doubt yourself, they're now cheerleaders. So even that part of the game is worse.

As for the main antagonist, the Giants. Hell Blade 2 decided to remove the ambiguity of the enemies in this game. Where in the first game, you weren't sure if the enemies are demons you are fighting are really men or just conjured illusions overlaying their visage due to your psychosis.

In this game demons are real and Giants are real. This was hammered home ny one of her colleagues (the priest with the weak chin) seeing the first Giant and hitting it with a thrown spear to chase it off. So the Giants are definitely corporeal being.

Now, having the Giants being established as corporeal beings, you NEVER even get to actually fight one!! I can't believe they never found a way to have an actual set piece battle ala God of War. What a massive disappointment.

This game had massive potential but they fumbled in every way possible. Other than the graphics. Even the puzzles are worse than the first game.

SoloGamer118d ago

Best comment ever 🤣🤣 and True!

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kennyg12320d ago (Edited 20d ago )

played hellblade 2 for 1 hour before i got tired of it. it just was not fun. And not being able to finish a 7 hour game really says something.

Vx_19d ago

I play games to have fun and enjoy my time, not to get bored and depressed, those developers need to go back to the 80s/90s and understand why we had video games in the first place.

shaenoide20d ago

Beautiful but boring AF... Like my ex wife

Workshyskiver20d ago

I really enjoyed it for what it was and glad there are some studios out there happily doing their own thing with a unique vision rather than just making the game people seem to think they should make. I loved the first one, had a great time with this one and hopefully there will be a third.