XDefiant Matchmaking System Announcement Exilarates the Fans

XDefiant Preseason starts on May 21. Devoted fans share lots of praise, but also some anxiety over the announced XDefiant Matchmaking system.

PrecursorOrb32d ago

Yep… I feel the hype… rather deafening… much wow


XDefiant Progression Changes Incoming, New Grinds That Are "More Challenging" to Be Added

XDefiant progression changes are on the way, with the studio confirming more challenging grinds will be added for players.


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An Exciting New XDefiant Game Mode Gets a Release Time

Since the launch of Preseason of XDefiant, the players have unanimously asked for the addition of another game mode, Team Deathmatch. The developers were quiet about it for some time, but Mark Rubin, the Executive Producer, confirmed that TDM was in the works.