Diablo 4: The Argument For and Against Returning to the High Heavens

The High Heavens is an important location to the Diablo franchise, but whether Diablo 4 should return to the location in the future is controversial.

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Tapani28d ago

Is Diablo IV worth it for the Single-Player experience today? I understand it has got many patches and improvements.

Daeloki28d ago

I honestly don't know what they could have changed/patched to make the game enjoyable since last summer. I played the campaign a bit past act 1 with a friend and it just becomes incredibly boring and repetitive. I uninstalled shortly after and haven't looked back. However, with me it may just be a case of that it's not my kind of game. I just didn't enjoy the endless cycle of going into a dungeon, collect loot, teleport to town, sell/dismantle, teleport back to dungeon, collect loot, teleport to town, sell/dismantle... rinse and repeat. That cycle was about 80% of the game back then, completely drowning out the story for me. If there is a demo, or you have a chance to test a friends copy then I'd recommend that before spending any money on it.

Kosic28d ago

I loved D3 and would play a season for weeks.
D4 came out I reached level 60 ish and grew bored, I tried again in S1 and got to the same level and quit. I heard about the loot revamp, and briefly tried season 3 before jumping into the new season.
The game is better because it's easier to feel this progression smoothly increase, without hitting such a large road block, but I am level 61 and in Torment 4, and again I just don't feel the urge to continue.

I found a lack of direction of what to do, the thing that puts me off is the bland world, hell-tides are rather boring. Kill a non stop spawn of demons and summon a boss...

If you can get it for cheap, give it a try, or do a Gamepass trial and play it there.


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LordoftheCritics9d ago

There are many more much needed features before this.

Michiel19898d ago

the latest patch was actually really good, but in that state the game should've been released not patched. I might play again in a patch or 2 but I'm rather looking forward to Last Epoch's patch

Kosic7d ago

Sadly it's still a boring game. My max level pre season was 65, now it's 78 before I just stopped playing.

It's a smoother progress getting to T4 content but it lacks the fun. Dungeons are far to similar and there are some really bad designs with running around for too long and back tracking with stones.

The world in my opinion is it's worst design. It's very large and takes time running or teleporting between towns.
The new helltides are very basic, increase the spawn rate and drop orbs....that's a huge change..