PlayStation Generated $700M Revenue From 1st Party Releases On PC & Other Platforms During 2023

Sony generated nearly $700M revenue from the release of first party PlayStation titles on PC and other platforms during fiscal year 2023.

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PrinceOfAnger35d ago

Good, this means more games coming to pc, can't wait for Ragnarok!

VenomUK35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

If you look at a game like Genshin Impact and it made over $5 Billion in revenue since launch for one game and it doesn’t risk the studio, so it gives an insight into why it’s so desired by Sony to go for that perpetual online game. I don’t think Sony should risk bringing its single player games to other consoles but bringing Hellblazer II to Xbox and Nintendo makes perfect sense.

Cacabunga35d ago

Cool but then where are the PS5 games Sony? So far only 3rd party studios are lifting the console

Knightofelemia34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


Sony has brought other titles to PC that are single player. And they seem to be doing good all though I still think Sony should have brought the first three Uncharted games to PC as well. Sony is just breathing new life into games that have done well on Playstation such as Uncharted, Horizon, my favorite Days Gone, Spiderman, God of War. Sony will eventually port Ragnarok and Spiderman 2 to PC as well and I think those two games will do well on PC. I don't see PC players bitching about the games Sony has brought over to PC so far. And Helldivers 2 is doing well on PC except for Sony's F up with having a Playstation account. As for Sony putting Helldivers 2 on Xbox who knows if Sony will or won't port it. As for Nintendo you would need the Switch 2 the current Switch can barely handle Arkham Knight. You call it risky but again I don't see PC player bitching about the games that Sony has ported over so far to PC. If anything it introduced players to games they have never played if they just stick to PC and don't want to buy a Playstation that's their choice.

shadowknight20334d ago

Hellblazer 1 released along the time that God of Flock released, however it was considering very much an Andie budget game, with a top down perspective twin stick shooter that it was. Then he'll blazers 2 released, in all its 3D glory and crossplay madness.

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neutralgamer199234d ago

Besides few core fanboys rest gamers understand the huge potential for PlayStation’s games on PC. Same applies for Xbox games on PlayStation. We as gamers may not like it or understand it but there are billions at stake. More money these companies generate the bigger budgets and resources they can allocate for future projects

Crows9034d ago

Yes...it never ceases to amaze me that so many don't understand.

PlayStation games benefit as an added source of revenue. As long as it is released not at the same time as on the console....because if it is...then there's no reason to buy a ps5. This means a loss in their ecosystem and more money lost through each sale on steam.

JackBNimble34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

What you're talking about could push a certain company out of the console side and make them strictly soft gaming company.
I can't be the only one who reconsidered buy their hardware because their games were going to ps5.

Edit: it's one thing for games to go to pc , and a completely different thing for games to go from xbox to ps5. That will stop people from buying a second console.

neutralgamer199234d ago


MS don’t invest 100 billion to make few console warriors happy who would buy the Xbox branded console anyway. They want generate the revenue, which in return will generate more profits end of the day it’s all the spreadsheet and whether we like it or not just selling on Xbox is not going to help them on their spreadsheets

And I completely disagree with you. Why would someone not buy Xbox if their goal is game pass so they will get all those games one on that subscription while other consoles and platforms have to pay full price to pay the same games

Angyobangyo34d ago

The downvotes you’re getting shows how petty the Sony diehards are. Meanwhile Sony just made a good size change and will keep releasing on PC regardless.

Crows9034d ago

Nope. Yeah they made good size change....so did Gabe...that's where most seem to be perfectly content in remaining oblivious to reality.

It's an acceptable strategy if Sony doesn't release day and date. If they start doing that...those diehards would probably end up skipping consoles and heading to PC. It's only common sense.

Number1TailzFan34d ago

Yes, gamers who can't afford a decent midrange PC or higher will opt for console anyways.

PC players have a choice of better IQ & (usually) performance.

babadivad34d ago

Day and date is coming soon. I know people don't want to hear that but I believe that's where we're heading.

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PrinceOfAnger35d ago

I have seen the port-begging for these games on playstation, including Half-Life Alyx

fr0sty34d ago

There is no need to port beg for that game anymore, now that they are making PS VR2 compatible with PC.

itsmebryan35d ago

"Port begging " really you guys are weird. Is that what was happening when Starfield came out? I never heard that term when people were "Port begging " for Starfield.

Sony had no first party releases till next year at the earliest. So, you won't have to worry about Port begging. I feel like I'm losing IQ points repeating that term. Smh

VersusDMC35d ago

Everyone port begs here...

Nintendo fans port begged for years to get persona 5. Xbox fans portbegged for Helldivers 2 and rebirth recently.

Even Phil Spencer got in on the Helldivers 2 exclusivity whining...


Extermin8or3_34d ago

Sony have concord due out later this year for starters ..

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Michiel198935d ago

trying to shame people for wanting to play good games, what the fuck even is this?

SeTTriP35d ago

It's because p.c players are cringe.

Shiore2u34d ago

Psychological projection coupled with inferiority complex and brand worship is the ultimate cringe

ravens5235d ago

That's it ?😏 /s.
But day and date is "needed"? I think not.

Amplitude34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

The revenue would be even higher if the games didn't launch 2 years later and could capitalize on the original launch's ads and hype.

Ghost of Tsushima came out for PC recently and I haven't heard a word about it. If it came out - say, 3 months after the PS5 version - it would sell like mad. In that sense, day and date is needed. Would be cheaper as well if PC versions were developed alongside the original games rather than outsourcing hit-or-miss port jobs later.

Crows9034d ago

That's where you're entirely wrong. The revenue wouldn't be as big. It would be offset by all the players just sticking to PC instead of bothering with buying anything on console....

Then sure....more sales on PC but steam takes a huge chunk whereas by leaving them on the console for a few years it forces players to buy in songs ecosystem which also gets them the most money.

Amplitude34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Tell that to Sony after HellDivers and I think the personified company would roll it's eyes at you. Im confident you're overestimating the number of people who double dip, buying games on PS5 and re-buying them on PC. Obviously nobody knows - but one can assume that the number is extremely tiny.
I personally waited or am waiting for Horizon, God of War Ragnarok and Ghost of Tsushima to come to PC because i would rather play them there. At this point I'm waiting for a sale on Ghost - i've waited this long already and have lost interest with time.

Yet when Ratchet and Clank came out, i bought a PS5 for it and as such I have absolutely no interest in re-buying it for PC.

PC and console are very different markets. If somebody wants to play a game on their home theater system (like Ratchet), buy it on console. If somebody wants to play a big open world or multiplayer thing on their PC, buy it on PC.

The 30% Valve cut is the only actual reason to not release day-and-date, but a couple months would give all the benefits of the PS5 launch for people who REALLY want it day one, with patient people getting the game later but still in the "hype" cycle. (Or - god forbid - Sony launches their own PC storefront)

I really think we're going to see exactly that happening sooner than you think.

anast35d ago

They can drip feed that ecosystem and make bank.