Is Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Suffering From Cyberpunk Syndrome?

The expectations surrounding Dragon Age: Dreadwolf can only lead to disappointment

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thorstein36d ago

Nothing can compete with Origins. Inquisition wasn't bad but the decisions I made didn't really seem to make an impact since I sided with the mages. I didn't get to wipe out the religious zealots.

It just seems they're sticking with the IP in name only.

I hope I'm wrong.

Michiel198935d ago

A lot of the talent that made Origins as great as it was, has also left at this point so yeah it will probably be Dragon Age in name only.

I hope I'm wrong as well because the franchise definitely has a lot of potential.

Psychonaut8535d ago

I would say anyone who’s been paying any sort of attention for the last 5 years has extremely low expectations of this game.

JackBNimble34d ago

Well it's EA, what does anyone expect. It's probably going to MT'ed to death

Skuletor34d ago

It's EA, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if you could find a McDonald's in the game world, as part of their in-game advertisements they were considering.

Wait, I already remember seeing Burger King billboards in at least one Need for Speed on the PS2, now that I think about it.

Armaggedon34d ago

Bioware unfortunately have buckled under the weight of mismanagement and EA mandates. Apparently, EA has backed off with their live service mandates, so hopefully they had enough time to separate the live service aspect from the game. I just need Bioware to cough up one more legendary title before their run is over. However, due to the immense amount of talent they have hemorrhaged over the years, I think Inquisition was the end of the line. But hey, maybe the new Bioware will surpass the one that came before. Time will tell.

shadowknight20333d ago

Highly unlikely to hope for such a thing

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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Is Officially Being Renamed, With Gameplay Reveal Set for June 11

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is officially being renamed to Dragon Age: The Veilguard ahead of its big gameplay reveal on June 11. In an exclusive interview with IGN, BioWare GM Gary McKay explained the decision while teasing new info on the story, combat, and more.


The Next Dragon Age Has a New Title

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has been renamed to Dragon Age: The Veilguard.

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savedsynner17d ago

Honestly, it could be called unicorns and faeries for all i care, as long as it's a great game, whatever.

just_looken16d ago

Ha but i wonder if that anime they did on netflix that was suppose to tie DA3 to DA$ is still a thing with the new title and the main bad guy taking a back seat.

We will soon see what 11? years of dev time with all the members leaving some in a ambulance have come up with.

Will this me mass effect 4 all over again or anthem 2.0 hmmm

just_looken16d ago

I just remembered there was that anthem 2.0 update

I mentioned those 2 games because everyone has seem to forgotten ea gave bioware as a whole lots of time and money to make anthem but all that was exposed showing how bad leadership was and they actually did nothing for the majority of there time.

This dragon age already has a name change we know its been in dev hell and we know ea has been giving them lots of cash so lets hope its not like anthem or mass effect rushed out trash. Well me 4 was "decent" atleast

MajorLazer16d ago

I hope it's like DA: Origins.

sagapo16d ago

Agreed, it’s the only one I really enjoyed.

just_looken15d ago

You do realize almost everyone involved with me1 da1 is gone right?

Just put your gingers crossed it will not have live service garbage and or mt's

Heck so for 0 news of dragon age keep support

Michiel198916d ago

Dreadwolf sounds way better, also if you wanna go with this title remove "the"

Skuletor16d ago

Yeah, Dreadwolf definitely sounds better and removing "the" would be an improvement on this downgrade, lol.

Michiel198916d ago

titles aside, I just hope it's gonna be good. Don't have much faith though
If this flops I'm afraid for the future of bioware.

just_looken16d ago

Lets hope it was not changed because of a commite because Dreadwolf was too scary

Also why pink? oh boy

robtion16d ago

Dreadwolf sounds cool but it sounds like Warhammer 40K Sci-fi. Veilguard sounds more fantasy. I think it's better. Maybe it will grow on you.

victorMaje16d ago

It’s been too long. Need a release date.

Sgt_Slaughter16d ago

15 minute gameplay trailer on June 11th, so a release date can't be far behind or it'll be at the end. Probably going with a 2025 Q1 or Q2 release.

robtion16d ago

Definitely. Inquisition came out around the same time as The Witcher 3 from memory. Very excited for the new game. Just hoping it's not infected with the modern gaming issues (GaaS, SJW, etc).

Sgt_Slaughter16d ago

This game has been in development for six years dating back to 2018, and already got cancelled once before that. The budget on this thing must be huge to have been going on that long. There's no way this lives up to any expectations given the timeframe and how far BioWare fell off after Mass Effect 3.

just_looken16d ago

You and everyone has seem to forgot the anthem debacle that also included this studio also its way more than 6 years because they were making dlc for da3 that tied into this game but then that got tied into a anime.

Just remember they had a huge budget ea gave them alot of time for anthem they did nothing for years then at that e3 reveal trailer the team was like what is that game? then oh ours??? followed by 1-2 year's of rushed dev work.

They changed anthems name so soon they had those old tshirts this game already did that step lets hope its not we worked on this version for 2 year here is your anthem 2.0 as in all the issues that game had.