PlayStation Store Being Investigated for Anti-Competitive Practices in Poland

Polish headquarters of Sony Interactive Entertainment were raided by government authorities as part of an investigation into their anti-competitive practices.

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PapaBop36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

This is precisely why discless consoles are a terrible idea. I made my money back on my disc based ps5 within the first two months when comparing the cost on the PS Store to what I paid for my physical disc versions. The last game I bought was Armoured Core 6 for £43.85 on ShopTo, still costs £59.99 on PS Store. Those savings soon add up.

TheColbertinator35d ago

Sony is becoming exposed for who they really are.

35d ago
fsfsxii35d ago

shit-tier countries wanna make it look like they're working for the consumer's benefit, meanwhile they leave apple alone, the mobile market is actually something that affects people, not psn lmao

gold_drake35d ago

yea, its really odd how they pick and choose, when theres Nintendo and Microsoft and Steam ha.


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Nook2d ago

As a note, this is topical because it's currently on Kickstarter for funding.


NVIDIA's Generative AI-Powered Modding Tool Is A Gamechanger For The Industry

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Einhander197221h ago

"NVIDIA's Generative AI-Powered Modding Tool Is A Gamechanger For The Industry"

True, the especially for all the industry that gets put out of work by it.

generic-user-name18h ago

Have you ever used a self service checkout in a store? Should we ditch alarm clocks so that we can hire people to shoot peas at our bedroom windows to wake us up like they did in the 1800s?

Einhander197218h ago

Working at a grocery store as a checkout clerk used to be a respectable job that could support a family.

romulus2318h ago

I try to avoid them at all costs, why should we do a cashiers/clerks job without any training and without being paid for it? Comparing people losing their jobs to A.I. to people from the 1800's shooting peas is hilarious, good try though.

just_looken7h ago

Gues you never saw the fast food joints that had ai everything even cooking was done by robots.