If Resident Evil 9 Really Is Open-World, Bringing Back One Of The Old Heroes Feels Like a Must

With recent rumors suggesting Resident Evil 9 is open world, it would be the perfect setting to bring back some veteran characters.

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anast34d ago

It sounds like they might be going with an Evil Within type game.

PapaBop34d ago

Do we really need it to be open world? I mean I'm down for it if it's executed properly but man the open world fatigue is real.

roadkillers34d ago

What does open world mean to Capcom? RE8 had a Village area that made it seem open world, but honestly not much different than entrace of the police station where you could go multiple directions...

How do you do open world puzzle in RE? Idk, very interested to see how they pull it off. Also interested, is it 1st or 3rd?

Vits34d ago

I'm imagining something like RE3 - the original, not the remake - where you had to run all around and go back and forth between areas to find keys, codes, and whatnot.

on_line_forever34d ago


This is why I ask for another remake for RE3 , this game should be at least semi open world with new stories and new characters in the city and use them in future sequels

Tankbusta4034d ago

Capcom: "We have done well by the fans, lately.....its time to use that goodwill to change the formula everyone loves!"

VersusDMC34d ago

They changed the formula for RE4 and RE7. People still loved those. I personally don't prefer the first person RE games but they are still good and i want the developers to make the game they want to make.

got_dam34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I hope it's not. I would much prefer a game that's actually a tightly paced survival horror game like 7 and 2remake. They got it so right twice in a row then went back to the action horror bullshit.

Friendlygamer34d ago

Dead rising 1 and 2 level design was amazing, if they do something like that it would be great

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Resident Evil 9 Revenant Shadows, Code Veronica, RE Zero, RE5 for PS5 Pops Up on Retailer Site

An online retailer has a page for "Resident Evil 9: Revenant Shadows' up alongside RE5 for the PS5, RE: Zero HD Remaster, and Code Veronica.

RaidenBlack21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

looks a bit fake, ngl

excaliburps21d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if it is.

-Foxtrot21d ago

Revenant Shadows…

Well….thats a title alright

Sonic188121d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Probably the only games I'm excited for after seeing the Playstation state of play leaks. I'm glad I kept my expectations low.

RedDevils21d ago

Why are you repeating the same shit, but on a different articles?

Sonic188121d ago

The same reason that Sony state of plays are trash 🗑

Abnor_Mal21d ago

Damn can we get Resident Evil7 on PS5, playable on PSVR2, please.

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Resident Evil 9 Has an Unenviable Challenge with Lady Dimitrescu in Its Rearview

Resident Evil 9 has high expectations for newly introduced villains and Village’s Lady Dimitrescu doesn’t make that herculean goal any easier.

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Barlos31d ago

Why? She was crap, and wasn't even in the game all that long.

Babadook731d ago

Yeah. It was just a fad. Good game though