If Resident Evil 9 Brings Back Mercenaries, Capcom Should Take The Obvious Path Forward

Resident Evil's Mercenaries mode has been a highlight of the last few games and if it returns in RE9 then it needs to pull the trigger on one feature.

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-Foxtrot3d ago

I just want a no time limit mode…

Last as long as you can until you die


If Resident Evil 9 Really Is Open-World, Bringing Back One Of The Old Heroes Feels Like a Must

With recent rumors suggesting Resident Evil 9 is open world, it would be the perfect setting to bring back some veteran characters.

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anast1d 4h ago

It sounds like they might be going with an Evil Within type game.

PapaBop1d 3h ago

Do we really need it to be open world? I mean I'm down for it if it's executed properly but man the open world fatigue is real.

roadkillers1d 2h ago

What does open world mean to Capcom? RE8 had a Village area that made it seem open world, but honestly not much different than entrace of the police station where you could go multiple directions...

How do you do open world puzzle in RE? Idk, very interested to see how they pull it off. Also interested, is it 1st or 3rd?

Vits1d ago

I'm imagining something like RE3 - the original, not the remake - where you had to run all around and go back and forth between areas to find keys, codes, and whatnot.

on_line_forever20h ago


This is why I ask for another remake for RE3 , this game should be at least semi open world with new stories and new characters in the city and use them in future sequels

Tankbusta4023h ago

Capcom: "We have done well by the fans, lately.....its time to use that goodwill to change the formula everyone loves!"

VersusDMC18h ago

They changed the formula for RE4 and RE7. People still loved those. I personally don't prefer the first person RE games but they are still good and i want the developers to make the game they want to make.

got_dam16h ago(Edited 16h ago)

I hope it's not. I would much prefer a game that's actually a tightly paced survival horror game like 7 and 2remake. They got it so right twice in a row then went back to the action horror bullshit.

Friendlygamer14h ago

Dead rising 1 and 2 level design was amazing, if they do something like that it would be great

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Resident Evil 9 Reveal and Release Imminent, Out in January

At first it was delayed, now it's 2025

For a number of years now, new Resident Evil games — both original entries and remakes — have been announced at a Sony event. If the announcement really is as imminent as Dusk Golem claims, the game could be revealed during the PlayStation Showcase that's rumoured to take place this month. "Resident Evil 9 should be revealed pretty soon and release next year. If what I heard previously holds true, should be in January," they said.

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Gaming4Life198113d ago

RE Village was great and I can't wait for the next one.

Cacabunga13d ago

The last couple resident evil came out in January

VersusDMC13d ago

I'm all for it. Just hope it's third person. Would still get it if it was first person though.

-Foxtrot13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I think it will be third aswell

The RE2 and RE4 sold super well and they also updated Village to add third person so I don’t see why they would keep it first person.

VersusDMC13d ago

And village DLC was third person only...

Tacoboto13d ago

Maybe it'll launch with the best of both worlds.

First-person VR Mode and Third-person option for pancake displays.

I've done back to back playthroughs of 2 and Village, it would be awesome to NG+ in third person after an immersive first person first playthrough

-Foxtrot13d ago

I don’t know how to feel about full on open world

I liked the set hubs they had

Just hope we go back to legacy characters this time, the Winters were bland as hell.

VersusDMC13d ago

I doubt it will be a ubisoft collectathon open world. Probably something like evil within 2?

Either way the RE team's have done so good that i trust whatever they come up with will be good.

-Foxtrot13d ago

Evil Within 2 was just an expansion of what RE did with the hubs though

It just felt bigger and if they do that then it’s fair enough but full on open world stuff? It’s tiring regardless who’s behind it.

notachance13d ago

If it’s elden ring type of open world I’m all for it though

gleepot13d ago

The Winters had some of the best stories of any RE characters. As in, they actually had some.

CrimsonWing6912d ago

If it’s a hybrid like Evil Within 2 that would be excellent. That game blew me away with how there were optional things you could totally miss like that ghost lady that would follow you around.

-Foxtrot12d ago

If it's like an expansion of Evil Within 2 then great, it wasn't too big but did a lot with the maps it had

Like you said exploring a house gave you the ghost lady who would follow you around in some parts that was also tied to a optional side mission arc that continued through the course of the game. I think you got a cool new gun at the end of it aswell.

It's what the RE3 remake should have been, exploring Raccoon City within a bunch of different styled hubs. I wanted moments like "Oh you see that 3 story building over there guarded by a ton of zombies, it might waste your ammo if you're not carefully but there's goodies inside" or "exploring the Raccoon City funfair will trigger a mutated clown zombie to chase you but you gain an advantage later down the line by unlocking something to help you during another boss fight"

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aaronaton13d ago

I hope the open world rumours aren't true, RE village and Re4 VR experiences have been amazing, I don't want them to drop the VR to accommodate open world.

Babadook713d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Yes. But I think it would be a good guess this will be VR again.