Ghost of Tsushima Is Unsupported on Steam Deck Due to PSN

Ghost of Tsushima will have a fully playable single-player campaign on Steam Deck, but it's still technically Unsupported due to PSN shenanigans.

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6d ago
Goodguy016d ago

Well that's great. I've really been thinking of selling my deck for an ally anyways.

darthv726d ago

...but PSN shenanigans would still apply to the ally as well.

Vits6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Because the Ally is a Windows handheld and the Steam Deck is a Linux handheld, the latter will pretty much be the only handheld PC to suffer from this issue, as it stems from Sony's lack of support for the PSN outside of Windows.

That said, the title of this article might be a bit misleading for those who aren't aware of Valve's nomenclature for Steam Deck compatibility. An "Unsupported" classification is given for games that have even a single feature not available on the Steam Deck. In this case, single-player will work just fine, but multiplayer will not. Which, mind you, is not a small feature, but those with a Steam Deck will be able to at least play the single player with apparently no issues.

Haki11126d ago

oooooor just install windows on the deck. Been windeck since I got it with the DeckHD and i'm honestly never going back due to the fact I can run gamepass games natively

mrcatastropheAF5d ago

At this point why not go with the ROG Ally?

Haki11122d ago

@Mr Because he already has a steam deck lol

thorstein6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

"In a post on X outlining the game's impending PC release, Nixxes says that Ghost of Tsushima's single-player mode, including its Iki Island expansion, will be fully playable on Steam Deck thanks to extensive optimization efforts.

"However, the game will technically sport an "Unsupported" rating on Steam Deck. That's the rating Valve assigns to games for which "some or all" of their functionality doesn't work on Steam Deck, and in Ghost of Tsushima's case, it's the multiplayer component."

"Nixxes says that because Ghost of Tsushima's multiplayer requires Windows "to access PlayStation Network integrated features", you won't be able to play the game on Steam Deck, which runs a custom Linux shell."


Smart move. The Ally is way better anyway. The only thing Steam Deck has on the Ally is ease of use .

MocBistro5d ago

Not a wise choice. Trust me I owned both. Ended up using my SD most of the time.

ActualWhiteMan5d ago

Went from Steam Deck LCD to Ally Non Xtreme and it was the best decision ive ever made.

Updated the internal SSD to 2TB NVME for $100 and now its a beast.

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PrinceOfAnger6d ago

And they want the game to sale more?
stupid sony.

franwex6d ago

They do. But in territories where they can revoke the license.

MetroidFREAK216d ago

I don't own a deck, but that's dumb af

DaMist5d ago

It's labels "unsupported " because of the online component, but it will still be very much playable. There are plenty of unsupported deck titles that play with no problems,

Inverno6d ago

But all their other games work just fine? Horizon just came out and it works just fine and doesn't require PSN log in. They really doubling down in this stupid decision.

Extermin8or3_5d ago

None of which have multiplayer....

Inverno5d ago

What of all the MP games that work on Deck that use a third party log in system? I've had to log into at least one game I've tried playing and all it requires is to start it on Desktop mode so that the browser opens up to the login screen.

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_SilverHawk_4d ago

I don't know why sony would want people to sign into their service as if sony ownS the game.