Assassin's Creed Shadows Season Pass and DLC Prices Leaked

A dataminer has revealed several details on the upcoming Assassin's Creed Shadows (formerly Assassin's Creed Red) post-launch content.

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purple10142d ago

dlc and season pass before the games eve launched - yep, that'd be Ubisoft.

Inverno41d ago

It's the whole industry but some devs get a pass. DLC has been cut content for years now. It's why so many games have dlc ready before the end of it's first month out.

--Onilink--41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Not saying some devs dont cut content, because it definitely happens, but many times its also just some clear lack of understanding of how game development (or most software development for that matter)

People tend to think that every single developer is working on the same thing at the same time without considering that many of them will be over with their initial tasks for the base game long before the rest of the team is finishing up the game and they obviously wont just stand around doing nothing for months.

Skuletor41d ago

Games have cut content day one, like preorder bonuses and deluxe editions with extra in-game content.Not to mention the times when the DLC you have to pay for, is already on the disc.

Eonjay41d ago

I don't think they realize that they are turning people off like myself when they do this.

Goodguy0142d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Oh God lol. Remember to be patient with Ubisoft games folks, they tend to go on sale quickly after release and heavily reduced after a year or so.

Chocoburger41d ago

A better idea is just don't waste your lifespan playing Ubi-junk games at all.

Money is less valuable than lifespan.


AC games are generally fantastic action RPGs (Odyssey in particular), the problem is that they're overpriced at launch.

--Onilink--41d ago

I wouldnt say they are overpriced, they certainly dont lack content or production values.

My biggest issue is that the “made by committee” feel for Ubi games has become way too apparent recently. They end up feeling bloated and boring because its been years since all Ubi games feel the same


@--Onilink-- You're 1000% correct. There's a persistent Ubisoft formula in these games, but I don't think that necessarily a bad thing if the formula is fun and the characters are interesting.

We could say the same thing about Yakuza, God of War, and COD....but I enjoy all those IPs despite the gameplay being largely unchanged from the previous iteration with small improvements.

It's like having a food recipe that's been perfected across many generations.

Barlos40d ago

Agree. I'm not supporting these practices so as much as I enjoy AC games, I'll be passing on this one.

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Skuletor41d ago

My Ubisoft Connect launcher library on PC has a section I've never seen before called Inactive games now, which only has my copy of The Crew and a tone-deaf banner telling me the game is unplayable and suggesting I go to their store to buy another game. Why? so you can take my access away from that too? Lol

notachance42d ago

as much as I'd like to play an open world ninja game, I'll wait for the eventual complete edition and bug fixes.. it's ubisoft after all

RaidenBlack42d ago

Even though the setting have bee much anticipated one for AC ... the moment I realized that this was helmed by the AC Odyssey dev ... my curiosity greatly plummeted. Odyssey was a good expansive RPG but it didn't feel like an AC game.
So the season pass news doesn't surprise me much. Will still check it out mainly for the graphics.
I am more curious regarding AC Project Hexe. Its less expansive than the recent AC RPGs (more like the earlier OG AC games) & is being directed by Clint Hocking, responsible for technically ambitious Ubi games like SC:Chaos Theory, Far Cry 2 & Watch Dogs Legion.

anast41d ago

That's the cut content that is being sold back to the customer.