Star Wars Outlaws Wanted Levels Can Be Cleared by Defeating Death Troopers

You can clear your wanted levels in Star Wars Outlaws by defeating the death troopers.

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Skuletor39d ago

I remember the same thing in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Ubisoft sure love to copy paste stuff in their games.

Skuletor38d ago

I just figured out where they got the extra A to make AAAA games, they copy and pasted an extra A 😂

anast38d ago

The complete game will be about $140.

Friendlygamer38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

The mc looks so bland, she needs a cooler outfit and hair or maybe allow people to play as the awesome robot with the duster coat

Gameseeker_Frampt38d ago

We talking bland like Luke Skywalker or bland like Han Solo? Human characters in Star Wars have always been bland and the scale ranges from kid in bathrobe with shaggy hair to generic male with awesome sidekick and ship.

Friendlygamer37d ago

Ridiculous, young harrison ford was extremely hot and charismatic, han solo basically created or at least heavily influenced the charming rogue trope.

Gameseeker_Frampt37d ago

"Han Solo basically created or at least heavily influenced the charming rogue trope." I'm sure Robin Hood and Zorro will thank Jennifer Lawrence - I MEAN HARRISON FORD - for paving the way.

Vx_38d ago

Disney cannot ever make a main character without a pet following their ass, this formula needs to change.


Preview: Star Wars Outlaws | Console Creatures

CC writes, "After spending an hour with Star Wars Outlaws, I'm much more convinced that Ubisoft Massive is a good fit for an open-world adventure in a galaxy far, far away."

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Star Wars Outlaws Interview: Creative Director Talks Scope, Tone, and Telling a Heist Story

Game Rant chats with Star Wars Outlaws creative director Julian Gerighty about delivering an open-world adventure with old-school Star Wars vibes.

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Star Wars Outlaws Gets Compared To Uncharted Amidst Negative Previews; Dev Responds

The creative director of Star Wars Outlaws has replied to some negative previews in an interview, claiming the demo was just a starter.

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anast5d ago

I heard this game might actually be decent. Too bad the pricing is absurd.

ElaBosak4d ago

Isn't it priced as any other AAA title? $70?

anast3d ago

It's around 100 for the complete game. They locked a mission behind a paywall.

ElaBosak1d 14h ago

$100 for a game + two expansions sounds good. More games should do this tbh.

anast1d 12h ago

They aren't expansions. It's cut content + 2 DLC which are also cut content.


I'm not sure how being compared to Uncharted could be viewed as a bad thing... unless they literally mean Uncharted, as in the first one, with its less than stellar grenade controls.

toxic-inferno5d ago

Yes, the grenade controls in the first game were disappointing. This was back when all first party PlayStation games were made to use the features of the Sixaxis controller.

Sony still tend to do this, but it's a little more subtle these days, and developers tend to come up with better solutions.


Yeah, UC2 and on actually had some of the best grenade controls in gaming.

ElaBosak4d ago

Lmao at "journalists" pretending that Uncharted is a negative. Those people just want more souls-like shit gameplay. I'm glad this game is more like Uncharted than shit-souls.