Microsoft torches Xbox studios then tells you to 'feel the burn' with tone-deaf controller launch

Introducing the fire sale of Xbox Game Studios, and oh, this controller, too!

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Community77d ago
Jin_Sakai78d ago

Microsoft have an obsession with these d@mn controllers.

anast77d ago

It's like game stop. They make their money on trinkets not games.

Eonjay77d ago

I actually like the design of the new controller. Poor timing to release it though.

anast77d ago


It does have some style.

dumahim77d ago

If people keep buying them, they'll keep making new ones.

Ra303077d ago

Ok...that makes sense......Microsoft closes Game Studios because the games those Studios made don't meet Microsoft's sale metrics. Why pay more good money to feed the leaches when they provide no benefit and controllers sell so lets make more. Also the PR messaging "Feel the Burn" was a msg. to all the other Microsoft First Party Studios that if the games you make don't sell you'll "Feel Tue Burn"! Same goes for Xbox gamers they didn't buy the Microsoft games so now they " Feel the Burn" of those games going to PlayStation! so now we know the meaning of "Feel the Burn".....it means somebody bout to loose something!

Einhander197277d ago

I clicked the link and I saw these things are $70, the same price as a PS5 controller but with none of the features.

This is just like the memory cards where the price is way out of line with what the product actually is.

Jingsing77d ago

Agree, You are basically buying a 360 controller again.

Skuletor77d ago

On the flipside, two of my PS5 controllers already got stick drift (bought a third recently) and my Series controller is fine. I never had that issue on the PS4.

FinalFantasyFanatic76d ago

They've put out 3 or 4 times more controllers than games at this point, who's collecting all these limited edition controllers and xboxs?

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XiNatsuDragnel78d ago

Microsoft might as well imo become a 3rd party publisher because they are soooo tone deaf.

anast77d ago

They are going mobile, which is why they are downsizing.

XiNatsuDragnel77d ago

Lol mobile or 3rd party publisher either way it's bad for gamers

thorstein78d ago

"It's fire... isn't that what the kids say these days? Fire? Let's show them we understand them! Fire!"

Destiny108078d ago

they sure are milking, that 2 dollar controller

Rimeskeem77d ago

I feel like MS has released more controllers than games this generation.

S2Killinit77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

They know their consumers have not bought games from them, so they need to find another way to get consumer’s money.

Im not joking. I think had there been more games released or upcoming, they would allow the sales to go to the studios.