Xbox Live Arcade Retail Surprise

Encouraged by the success of Live Arcade, Microsoft is planning to bring some of its downloadable games to retail.

Xbox chief Peter Moore is pushing to extend the Live Arcade brands to retail, arguing internally that original games like Geometry Wars, retro hits like Smash TV and casual games like Hardwood Hearts will extend Xbox 360's appeal to non-hardcore audiences.

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bernie5946d ago

£5.00 pocket money & Stocking filler titles, like the good old £1.99 games from Mastertronic!

5946d ago
SjaakHaas5946d ago

i think it encourages more people to buy these. Now you can see the accual prices right in the shops. And it's very attractive for shopholders to display cheap 360 titles.

FreeMonk5946d ago

Not a bad idea at all. I know a few people who haven't got access to live, and miss out on loads of cool little Arcade games like Outpost Kaloki X, Geometry Wars 2, Smash TV etc. Also Uno,which is a great party game with 4 people in the same room!

Good going Peter, but make sure Street Fighter 2 is available first eh!

ArchChef5945d ago

You can't play same TV multiplayer uno. Simply because you would be able to see all the other players card!


hey, this is cool!

though i think i'll still download them.

5946d ago
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