Palworld Co-Op: Early Access Preview - Spawning Point

With a budget of only $6.7 million, no one can argue that Palworld hasn’t had incredible breakout success. This isn’t surprising for a cheeky, funny, colourful game that unashamedly lifts gameplay mechanics from big franchises e.g. Minecraft, Fortnite and Ark, along with a very in your face nod to Pokemon.

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Palworld PS5 Version Possibly Being Teased by Pocketpair's Community Manager

Wccftech writes "Pocketpair's Global Community Manager Bucky might very well have teased the highly-anticipated Palworld PS5 version on X."

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romulus231d 6h ago

I mean it's going to happen at some point.

shaenoide1d 5h ago (Edited 1d 5h ago )

Too bad they made it exclusive the hype is over they would have sale this one a l'or on PS5.

ThinkThink19h ago

The game is in early access, which sony doesn't offer. That's the only reason why it isn't on playstation. It will be on playstation by the the time it officially launches late next year.

Michiel198918h ago

yep, they'd be crazy not to release on playstation when 1.0 releases

mudakoshaka1d 4h ago

A little too late. Seems the game has lost its flare.

NotoriousWhiz1d 2h ago (Edited 1d 2h ago )

The game hasn't lost anything. It's in early access. Which means that players will come and go. Besides that, it has a defined start and end. It's not a live service game. It's not meant to be played forever. It has a fully functional single player game (with optional co-op) that can be added to your collection.

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Palworld's first island expansion gets release date this month

Palworld's first expansion is coming on June 27th, not far off at all now.

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just_looken17d ago

under the shadow of elden ring

Good luck to them though the game was great just needed towns/people it had alot pf pals just not that humans live on this planet vibe to me. Maybe this dlc will fix that


Palworld's Pals Shouldn't Be the Only Friendly Faces

Palworld offers plenty of companions in its titular critters, but there are other characters in Palpagos who could be similarly supportive.

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