Manor Lords is out today, and it already has 2,000 'Very Positive' reviews on Steam

Out today, Manor Lords, one of the most wishlisted games on Steam, has amassed more than 2,000 'Very Positive' reviews in a matter of hours.

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Crows9047d ago

Indies are the only ones innovating.

The whole industry is upside down right now. AAA games that are always play it safe and are usually pretty bad or $70 whereas pretty decent to great indie games are usually $40 or less.

gold_drake47d ago

enlighten me, which AAA in ... the last 3 years have taken the "easy" route exactly?

we have had quite alot of fantastic triple A games lately.

Crows9047d ago

I'm not here to enlighten you. Go play you're awesome triple A games that just keep on releasing left and right.

I won't disagree that we've had some good ones here and there...but most are trash. But if you enjoy them , more power to you.

NotoriousWhiz47d ago

Like it or not, Spider man 2 was the "easy" route. Fantastic game it is, but it's definitely not bringing innovation. Innovation is coming mostly from games like Baldur's gate 3, Palworld, Manor Lords, Dave the Diver, and plenty more indies.

esherwood47d ago

Every ubi soft game, cod, diablo, exc. literally all of them release none of them innovate in cool ways or have original games

dubal-e47d ago

One of the big 3 will purchase this company too.

shadowknight20347d ago

AAA games almost always plays it safe. There are exceptions, but it's certainly not the rule. To be indie and have the same expectations, means you don't sell games. It's quite a different dynamic between the two.


Manor Lords - Patch 0.7.975

Here's a changelog with the latest fixes. The new patch is available on the main branch, so if you participated in the pre_release, remember to set betas to "none".

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Manor Lords Review | PC | NoobFeed

Ron from NoobFeed writes - Manor Lords' difficulty spikes and its micromanagement might be a common complaint, but that's the nature of real-time strategy games. But these aren't an issue when this genre has the most demanding player base. To satisfy the RTS veterans, Manor Lords still requires a substantial amount of content during its final launch. Otherwise, after 30–50 hours of play, you would forget about the game.

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1nsomniac3d ago

Unfortunately it seems like this was a professional pump and dump project. Since its massive release there’s been nothing. All the excessive “I’m a good guy” development talk has also gone silent.


Manor Lords has sold over 2 million copies since launch

Developer Slavic Magic and publisher Hooded Horse announce that their city building sim Manor Lords has sold over two million copies since launch.

1nsomniac29d ago

Still waiting for its first patch which is worrying. I know it’s been a single man developer but there’s really no excuse for no updates being released since launch. I’ve been part of many single developer releases that are updated daily, sometimes hourly. This’s hasn’t had a single one yet….

shadowknight20328d ago

There's a rumor going around that this developer once went by the name of another alias, and released a game without any further updates afterwards. Tis an eye worth looking at.