Stellar Blade Review - IGN

Great in all of the most important ways for an action game, but lackluster elsewhere.


7.0/10 why does IGN always rated Games Lower then Everyone else I cant wait to play it though.

Tacoboto79d ago

This guy is the same reviewer at IGN who rated FFXVI a 9 and Elden Ring a 10, among other titles like Armored Core VI and Returnal 8s, Street Fighter 6 a 9.

He doesn't review Xbox games either. So I guess you could try reading the review to answer your question.

After seeing the reviews be in line with what I expected I'm still excited with for my preorder to arrive tomorrow. Don't let a not-low score like a 7 influence you.

Cacabunga79d ago

A SONY exclusive scoring bad on ign.. really?

Tacoboto79d ago

... a 9 for XVI and 8 from Returnal just from this one reviewer. Rebirth a 9. Ghost of Tsushima another 9. TLOU Part 1 PS5 a 9, TLOU Part 2 another 10. Spider-Man 2 an 8. Ratchet & Clank a 9. Demons Souls a 9.

What of these scores from IGN are bad?

darthv7279d ago

@Caca... since when is a 7 bad?

shinoff218379d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Ff16 a 9. Jeesh I can't trust him.

Darth you know damn well all these kids and you people think 7 is a horrible game. Still doesn't make sense to me how this started. A 7 back in the day was a pretty damn good game.

darthv7279d ago

@shin... it's still a good game. 6 is okay and 8 is great. 9 is excellent and 10 is perfect. That's the scale that has been used since forever.

Bad is usually anything lower than 5, with 5 being the mid point of neither good nor bad but just... fair.

Lightning7779d ago

Exactly I'll be buying it regardless. 7 is a solid score.

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Chard79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

The IGN I know has a history of doling out 9/10 scores when they're not deserved.
Regardless, it seems you're still excited for the game, which is a good indication that numerical scores are pretty meaningless

DOMination-79d ago

"why does IGN always rated Games Lower then Everyone else I cant wait to play it though."

Honestly I don't have/can't be bothered to look at the data but my perception is completely the opposite to this statement.

The IGN review, whether people like them or not, is usually the one that matters most to publishers, developers and gamers and as a result, they usually tend to play it quite safe with big releases. When they came out and trashed SS:KTJL in a preview, people really took notice because they don't normally do that.

TwoPicklesGood78d ago

To be fair there are quite a few reviews of 6-7/10 as well as there are 8-9/10. Review scores are an outdated concept and shouldn’t be considered gospel.

itsmebryan78d ago

The score seems in line with other reviews.. I have seen lower scores and it's at 82 right now on metacritic. 7 is not a bad , it's just ok.

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thesoftware73079d ago

I knew it; from the demo, I felt it was a 7-ish type of game(which is not bad) so be prepared for mostly mixed reviews.

Eonjay79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

IGN gave it the lowest score (bottom 10%) as anyone how hasn't been living under a rock expected. Perhaps you should check out the other 90% of scores too. A wave of ALT accounts isn't gonna change this.

Sonic188179d ago

What I find hilarious is that eurogamer gave it a 10 and think it's a game of the year contender


Tacoboto79d ago

The worst scoring review now are two 60s.

Including from Videogamer.com, which is suspiciously not uploaded here yet...

thesoftware73079d ago

Why? I did not say anything bad about this game; why the hell is everyone in defense mode? I did see some other reviews, but I played the demo, and the impression I got was a 7-ish like I said.

Even tho I looked at other scores, why are you prompting me to go read other reviews? Is the 7 bad for you? That is a good score, and I often agree with IGN reviews.

ALT accounts? are you ok? the game gets a good 7, and you are so tight about it, wtf.

ChasterMies79d ago

Why should I assume the other scores are right? Review inflation has gotten insane, and not all games are going to fit in the 8-10 out 10 zones.

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shinoff218379d ago (Edited 79d ago )

I felt about the same playing the demo. It didn't feel day one to me but I only buy rpgs day one mostly.

For what I think I read was their first single player game it looks pretty solid though.

S2Killinit79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Well, it is sitting at 82 metacritic, so your expectation of 7-ish was not really correct.
Its 8-ish.

thesoftware73079d ago


Huh? We are in an IGN review thread, and the topic of discussion is...they reviewed it a 7. How could I possibly be wrong when it is a fact that they gave it a 7, and I said that my assumption from the demo put it at a 7-ish, my comment was is direct relation to this review and article.

You can attempt to mingle and mangle all you want; this reviewer thinks it's a 7.

Why the hell are you guys so defensive about this game? This is so strange; it's a new developer with a new IP, and it's reviewed mostly positively; be happy and realize for their first outing, it's all good that it isn't rated 10s everywhere.

DOMination-79d ago

I don't know what's worse.

People giving a game they haven't played a score based on a feeling. Or lambasting a user for giving a score in that way because their view is (less than) 1 point apart from the average.

DarXyde79d ago

It's right around Metal Gear Rising, which is pretty much what I was expecting.

Sounds like I'm gonna love the game.

Crows9079d ago

It's actually very positive reviews pretty much everywhere.

This was also targeted by certain sites as "controversial" some can't get over the fact that eve looks a certain way.

Zenzuu79d ago

It's not mixed reviews though. The game received mainly high from everywhere else. The reception and general consensus, is the game is decent. People are not attacking you. The issue is the way you word it, like IGN is the only reliable reviewer and everything else doesn't matter.

Even though it's not your intention, but it comes across that way.

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Goodguy0179d ago

Oh boy. I think the $70 pricetag is also asking for too much as well, I liked the demo but I'll have to wait for a price drop or PC release.

Aphrodia79d ago

More like $75-80 with tax. That's way too much money to spend on a game if you aren't 90-100 % sure you're going to enjoy it.