Hour of Victory renders

Midway released these great renders/artworks from Hour of Victory, to be released exclusively on the Xbox 360.

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FeralPhoenix4349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

Sorry but this game just doesn't make me interested....I mean really, the whole W WII thing has been done enough for NOW....there are too many "fresh" idea's/great games coming out for the 360, so even if its a good game I won't likely get this one. I mean honestly COD 2 was awesome...I didn't play COD3, but I'm sure it was after that this whole W WII shooter stuff just seems very stale....don't get me wrong I love 'em as much as anybody, but personally I don't want to play another WWII shooter for awhile. -Just my opinion.

zonetrooper54349d ago

I still love WW2 games as well and they do need to churn out more ideas.

Havince4349d ago

ill play most shooters, and love war games, bring it on

whens the release for this ??????