Who Killed the Light Gun?

The Xbox consoles are notoriously pegged as gaming systems for people who love to shoot things. Why, then, does the one "kiddie" console on the market have the only library of gun simulator games?

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JPomper4348d ago

They could do some great games with a light gun these days. I'd buy one in a second if it worked like those in the arcade.

PS360PCROCKS4348d ago

OMG!! DUCK HUNT!! Haha that was the greatest game ever created, wow I need a Nintendo

TheMART4348d ago

Yeah it's strange why there aren't good light gun games anymore.

I had a light gun on my XBOX 1, it was only very hard to find games for it. House of the Death 3 was a fun game working with it, then there was this sniping game and a game that was also in the arcade hall. Forgot both names but it was fun for sure.

Sold it though because there weren't more then 3 games that worked with it. I'd really like to see some games on 360 with support of a good light gun. It's plain old fun, two light guns, having those arcade days back!

Siesser4348d ago

The sniping game was probably Silent Scope.

And it's not too surprisng that they didn't make more gun games, because consumers used to be intensely anti-peripheral. If it didn't come packaged with the system, or wasn't an absolute necessity, it was assumed that any peripheral just wouldn't sell well. I think Guitar Hero 2 might be the first real exception recently, with many people owning more than one guitar.

Havince4348d ago

just before the 360 was released and House of the dead 4 was announced for the 360, looks like it kinda went down the pan.....shame