Fallout 76 players want Phil Spencer to aid in the game’s development

Fallout 76 fans are calling on Phil Spencer to aid in the development of the game. They want more map expansions and the ability to visit other areas of the USA.

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-Foxtrot33d ago

Or maybe get a new single player Fallout game out so we aren’t waiting until the 2030s

MrBaskerville32d ago

Not gonna happen. Will probably be out 5-6 years after TesVI, which isn't coming anytime soon.

Even if they asked someone else to do a spin-off it would take atleast 5 years from now, if we assume they haven't begun allready. It's weird they didn't atleast attempt to have a game ready for the series launch.

lazyboyblue32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I heard Microsoft are quite rich. They should spin BGS off into 3 separate full size studios. Then rotate their big 3 ip's between them. So staff don't get bored. Or rotate staff.
Minimum, they need to increase the size of Todd Howards existing team. Like, double at least.

Barlos31d ago

@lazyboyblue I heard this too. I think they've got a couple of quid

Zeref32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Bethesda is busy with Starfield and then Elder Scrolls 6.

The only other studios that I would trust with Fallout are Obsidian and InXile.
But InXile is busy with Clockwork Revolution and another game that hasn't been announced. Obsidian is busy with Avowed and then they'll do Outerworlds 2.

They'd have to have one of them drop their next project for Fallout. Which imo is not cool. Unless they are willing to do so themselves. Obsidian has expressed interest in Fallout though so who knows.

MrBaskerville32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Didn't Obsidian at some point state that they were more interested in Outer Worlds than returning to Fallout? And now Avowed is basically their Morrowind set in their own universe. I don't see them returning unless forced, which would probably lead to poor results.

Futureshark32d ago

What, they want the game to be delayed a year and then still release in a half baked state?

Zeref32d ago

Crossplay should be on the top of their list imo

jznrpg32d ago

The last thing any game needs is Phil Spencer’s involvement.

DarXyde31d ago


Phil "Crackdown 2 is shaping up very well" Spencer doesn't exactly have a finger on the pulse. Frankly, I'm not convinced he believes in the pulse.

Let the studios figure it out.

Hofstaderman32d ago

And what exactly are they expecting Phil to do? This man greenlit Redfall. Let that sink in.....He allowed Redfall to release in that state for 70 Dollars.

-Foxtrot32d ago

And was going to do the same with Halo Infinite

Also Crackdown 3


MrBaskerville32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

He didn't greenlight Red Fall. Zenimax did. He could have delayed or cancelled it, but didn't. But then again, they were probably pretty far into the development when he arrived at the scene.

Mr_cheese31d ago

Not delaying or cancelling and instead releasing = greenlight

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Shane Kim4d ago

I have an advice. Go outside more.

OtterX4d ago

You wouldn't say that if you lived in a fallout shelter! ;P

Fonsecap4d ago

Save your time and play something else...


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