As Fallout76 Crosses 20Million Gamers Amid Success of TVSeries, Todd Howard Talks Franchise’s Future

“Fallout 76″ has found a whole new world of players thanks to the popularity of Amazon’s “Fallout” TV series. The Bethesda Game Studios title, which first launched in October 2018, crossed 20 million downloads and plays as of Wednesday.

Obscure_Observer41d ago


Hopefully Fallout 5 will be among next gen Xbox´s launching games.

-Foxtrot41d ago

Yeah will be great. Can’t wait for it on the PS6.

Notellin41d ago

What's the point of mentioning the platform you plan to play on? Tribalism.

Zeref41d ago

Can't wait to not have to pay 70 dollars for it lol

ocelot0741d ago

Will probably be decent on the HP Omen Xbox but not so sure about the Dell Alienware Xbox though. But I have high hopes for the Asus ROG Ally Xbox Edition running this game at a stable 60.

thesoftware73041d ago

I'm sure MS can't wait either; all that money they will make.

Everyone wins.
Play it on Xbox, play it on PS, play it on your cell phone, play it on PC, shit, maybe even on Nintendo.
ALL=$$$$ for Microsoft corp, literally all these companies care about.

-Foxtrot41d ago


You new here?

It's Obscure_Observer...and I like to wind him up by saying what he would say to others

I'm not even that bothered, I just find it fun.

Huey_My_D_Long41d ago

Now you're getting it ;)

purple10141d ago

Can’t wait to play this, on my Samsung tv Xbox app,

MrNinosan41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I'm sure Sony can't wait to be part in 30% of Microsofts profit, without spending $7,5 billion + development cost.

All free money for Sony 👍

Crows9040d ago


You think it's a positive but it's funny how much of a negative it actually is...lol

shinoff218339d ago

Zeref. You silly fools still don't see the fire your adding to by not purchasing games. Keep on adding fuel to the Xbox fire. Alot of us would prefer ownership over rental

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just_looken41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Though it would be nice i think tod with his team should stay away from it let someone else take the helm like fallout new vegas.

I also hope after all these success they do not make fallout 76 number 2 sense 76 is the most profitable game they made in the series thanks to monthly subs. Then you got the billion + they made on elder scrolls online.

First thing first is the new elder scrolls title they been working on and we got more updates for starfield to come out but one has recently added a new feature called interactive maps you can see icons along with paths now true next gen.....

So yeah with starfield being there "years" of dev time biggest budget/team size do you trust them with the next fallout title?

MrDead41d ago

The next fallout will be on all systems as Xbox is their smallest market. You don't restrict your flagship games to one of the worlds smallest and shrinking platform.
Bethesda still needs PC and PS as we've learnt from recent layoffs thanks to Microsoft's greed in trying to ban multiplatform publisher's from their biggest console platform.

Obscure_Observer40d ago

Whatever happened to your claims that MS should be boycotted and ultimately destroyed due its greed and monopolistic goals?

You said that the only reason MS released Starfield on PC is because its a new IP, otherwise it would an Xbox exclusive game, as MS ultimate goal is to remove games from players, right?

Now you come to realize that all of your smearing campaign along with all of your doom and gloom prophecies was for nothing!

You don´t really care about MS being destroyed as long Playstation gets some Xbox games.

The moment you find out that neither TES VI and Fallout 5 will be making it´s way to Playstation anything soon, you will be right back where you were a few months ago, shoehorning how MS must (again) be destroyed. Smh.

"Bethesda still needs PC and PS as we've learnt from recent layoffs thanks to Microsoft's greed in trying to ban multiplatform publisher's from their biggest console platform."

Last time I checked, Tango, which released Hi-Fi Rush on both PC and PS5 got shut down while Bethesda (Starfield) do not.

Yes, MS is greed. Yes they do care about the money above most things like every company does.

But just like Sony, they´ll not put their flagship titles on Playstation while damaging their own consoles in the process. I though both Phil and Sarah were clear about that subject when they confirmed that a next gen Xbox console is in development.

That said, the thing that most people don´t realize with all that port begging nonsense, is that Xbox releasing all of its flagships games on Playstation will do nothing but hurt the Playstation brand in the end.

Let me explain:

First - If all games from Xbox land on Playstation, what real interest Sony will have to continue and invest in innovative and multi hundred million dollar single player games that they´re known for? None! I mean, why would Sony take risks when the competitor is doing it in their place?

In the end, Sony will just rest on their laurels by allowing Playstation to be carried by third party publishers and ultimately, Playstation´s premiere first party games will be no more.

Second - After the recent events, you know now how far Sony is willing to go to get that MAU from Steam gamers, they literally banned Steam gamers from 120 countries and regions for it. In Microsoft´s case, you also know they will demand Playstation players to connect to a MS account to play Xbox games, which favors no other but MS itself, because they´ll be "stealing" gamers from the Playstation´s player base, via the ultimate "Trojan Horse".

As a wise man said: "Be careful what you wish for"

Mr_cheese40d ago

Oh Obscure, the irony in what you're saying is crazy.

anast41d ago

It's a good show. They are really good at live action trailers.

Huey_My_D_Long41d ago

Yall have alot to prove after starfield. Personally I think they will squander the potential for the game, but hey, I look forward to being proven wrong when its released.

RaidenBlack40d ago

Obsidian can still save the reputation with a banger spin off Fallout title whilst Bethesda concentrates finishing TES VI.
Only drawback is Obsidian will have to halt the Outer Worlds 2 development.

shinoff218339d ago

Is that a drawback though. I'd rather see then work on a fallout anyway. The first outer worlds was pretty dull. Atleast that's how I felt.

outsider162441d ago

Change your engine atleast ffs.

RaidenBlack40d ago

They wont.
Too many legacy program scripts to transition to UE.

4Sh0w40d ago

Yeah the TV Series was better than I expected.

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