CFPB Report Identifies Financial and Privacy Risks to Consumers in Video Gaming Marketplaces

The CFPB issued a report examining the growth of digital commerce in online video games and virtual worlds.

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rlow132d ago

Anyone defending their company of choice is smoking something. I’ll provide just a small part of the article. If you really care about the future of gaming you have to recognize all of these companies are just using you to make money by selling off that info. They literally have a profile on you.

“Gaming companies are assembling gamers’ personal and behavioral data: Publishers are collecting large amounts of data on players, including behavioral details such as financial data, purchasing history and spending thresholds. Gaming platforms can also track players’ location data, which can generate an accurate portrait of a player’s daily routines, such as their home address, places of employment or worship, and health and medical status. And with the advent of virtual- and mixed-reality gaming, the information gathered by headsets may include biometric data such as iris scans, eye movement, pupil response, and gait analysis, which may pose medical privacy risks.”

Want to still go with the narrative that your company cares???

thorstein32d ago

And they use that data to sell influence over us. That's not a conspiracy theory. That's literally how Google and Facebook, Pinterest, etc make money.*

It's not from selling your data per se. It's from selling influence. AI is the next influencer. No accounts needed.

*source: The Social Dilemma


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gold_drake22h ago

it is, i might be finally able to play Snowboard kids 1 full screen ha.

purple1011h ago

il beat you to the ski-lift,

framerate on snowboard kids was shocking, do you remember./?

talking of shocking framerate and kart racers style games,
Sony had a gem on ps3, with 'Modnation Racers' but again, framerate was so terrible, still fun though, indeed, when is drifting sideways not fun, the answer is never. we have not seen enough of that game, technically some people made race tracks/games in dreams and little big planet etc, but its just not the same,!!! grrrrr

morning rant over.

here, relive some ,memories. https://www.youtube.com/wat...


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Xbox and EA have recently made baffling moves that define how bleak the future of the gaming industry is with major companies at the helm. Ryan Bates from "Last Word on Gaming" posits in this op-ed that maybe it's not ineptitude, but intention.

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Profchaos3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Name someone that isn't trying to look us these days maybe cdpr.

Take two, ubi and yes even PlayStation are pushing us to own nothing and be happy with our live service ad injected games on a sub so they can raise prices at will and take access away when they see fit.

If it keeps up I'll be a full time retro gamer and this industry will be crashing hard

As rediculas as it sounds we need government reforms to defend consumer rights


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