Ubisoft Is Pulling Out All The Stops To Ruin Star Wars Outlaws

Hanzala from eXputer: "Ubisoft takes away even the right to own Star Wars: Outlaws as if the ridiculous pricing and uglified characters weren't enough."

TheLigX39d ago

Im all in with the author on the business practices side of things…. But the “uglification of the character”? Lol. Dude is a nut.

CrimsonWing6939d ago

What weird is Ubisoft has always been doing this tier thing and for the same prices. Look at Valhalla and tell the tiers and pricing, look at Division 2, but now all of a sudden we choose this hill to die on.

What about other publishers? I know I bought the third tier for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth never once saw an article about that.

There’s some vicious mob mentality going on and this chick is nowhere near as fugly as what Xbox is pulling with Fable. There’s literally a couple angle shots on this b*tch that makes her look weird, but I can snapshot you a bunch of others where she looks fine.

Like, what in the hell is going on that made this the hill to die on? Remember Red Dead 2 having multiple tiers and content locked behind tiers? We did boycott that game to be burned to the ground and string up the publishers.

Markusb3339d ago

there was an internal memo at xbox asking dev teams to not make females with curves and sexy, make of it what you will.

notachance39d ago

tbh the first time I saw the latest fable trailer I laughed at the main character's face, there's no way that sh*t isn't on purpose

Crows9039d ago

To be fair...Xbox hasnt shown fable recently and fable isn't star wars.

More current attention means conversation will focus around current events. As we approach fables release you can bet people will talk about how ugly that character is if it hasn't changed and more specifically if there's no character creator to adjust that ugliness

Profchaos39d ago

The difference with rdr2 and this is you can never ever play this pay walled mission. Rdr 2 was just a horse you got early and some online currency.

But GTA v has flying missions pay walled and no one noticed.

Anyhow it's not the first time.ubisoft has done this assassin's Creed IV had a entire PS exclusivity mode story while watchdogs had a few PS exclusive missions

shinoff218339d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I think because with ubisoft it's a pretty big pattern and I think more and more people are getting upset about it. Ubisoft are the biggest abusers of this practice.

Also the other point. Even if you think the chick is ugly. So what it's a video game character. Do they all have to be society's standard beautiful

VincentVanBro39d ago

Why do you care? Regardless of how long this practice has been in place, why would you defend it? Do you like having to pay extra $$$ for a complete game?

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Eonjay39d ago

Here is a picture of the article writer Hanzala Iftikhar: https://exputer.com/author/...
Can someone tell this guy to GTFO. Isn't it funny how we have the revenge on the toads running around calling everyone else ugly.

And totally agree with you on the business end. Especially with the dlc mission. Its like they want to fail.

Crows9039d ago

Okay so down below you grab the best possible picture of the games character....and the most middling angle and lighting for the actress. Good job...

Eonjay39d ago

"Okay so down below you grab the best possible picture of the games character....and the most middling angle and lighting for the actress. Good job..."

I used the SAME EXACT image from the article itself. They same one they used to call her ugly. Oh, did you not read the article? Good job...

RiseNShine39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Hve you seen the real model? Her name is Humberly González, and She's like 10 times more beautiful than the game's character, just google it and looks at some pictures, it's pretty clear they have uglified her on purpose.

smolinsk39d ago

No it's not. The character in the game has a lot more charisma from the trailer we have seen. She is not ugly Just a little normal with some sweet and charming characteristics to her like the dimple in the chin and high cheekbones. The girl that motion captured her looks boring and yes beautiful but so non charming and special. just the classic boring beautiful.

Vees is perfect and nice to see them doing normal with a curve

Eonjay39d ago

Wait... you are for real saying that this:
is 10x more beautiful than this:

I don't get it. Are you just trolling?

CrimsonWing6939d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Troy Baker didn’t look like Joel.
I think they wanted this character to fit in the world and environment. She’s a down on her luck smuggler and looks the part.

Most game characters don’t look like their voice actors. Take the FF7 cast for example.

dumahim39d ago


Troy Baker wasn't the model for Joel. It'd make sense if you used an example of the actual model used for the character appearance.

CrimsonWing6939d ago (Edited 39d ago )


Can you link me an article saying the character was modeled off the voice actor?

I 100% see this as an artistic decision and not a woke one. She fits in with the scoundrel looking smuggler kinda of characters. People are f*cking over reacting. We’ve gone through so much bullsh*t with woke character designs… I have no clue why this is the one everyone and their mother is taking a stand on. Like, what world am I living in?

MeatyUrologist39d ago

Eonjay: I definitely think the actual voice actor looks better than the Freddy Mercury spawn looking character they came up with. Just seems weird with the games industries push for diversity and representation that they would take an attractive woman of color and make her an unattractive bland looking white woman.

MontyeKristo38d ago


Considering one is a real life pretty woman and one is a video game character made out of pixels - yeah. She is.

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Inverno39d ago

What's nuts is that people can't seem to tell the huge difference between the models and who they're modeled after. It's not just unflattering angles, female protagonists in games are ugly as all hell. The excuse is always "you don't know what real women look like", which is ironic cause neither do the ones that say that know it seems.

MrBaskerville39d ago

Character seems cool. I think most gamers are just a little brain damaged from being online.

JackBNimble39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Disney alright fucked the star wars, at this point it's just another game.
Buy it or not the star wars franchise will never comeback from what Disney has done to it.

isarai38d ago

Whyd they add butt chin and laugh lines since the reveal tho?


Killer2020UK38d ago

Agreed. Ubisoft really suck at this stuff. I feel sorry for the devs who've put in all that work to make a videogame only to have execs and money men create a load of bad faith by shoehorning in monetisation everywhere they can.

This "uglification" thing is nonsense though. If devs don't want their characters looking like they've just stepped out of a salon then that's fine. It's not some grand conspiracy and even if it was, what a hill to die on.

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ROCKY2839d ago

UBI is SOFT and so are all the executives in SF

Eonjay39d ago

Its a perfect example of how greed destroys. Its like they still don't get it. Imagine being so greedy that you turn everyone off and get nothing.

ROCKY2839d ago

they once were the king of the hill years back - but they have fallen based on ego's and greed
sad but true

Markusb3339d ago

Ubisoft are going to see this fail and it deserves to, esecially after the whole, gamers need to get used to not owning their games statement. Pricing and paywalls for single player is insane. The trend of making charaters androgynous is clear and has been going on for a while, tied to ESG social credit scores etc, pretend its not real thats fine but its how games are funded these days. You can say it doesnt matter, if that is true why spend time, effort and money changing the characters? Also why facial scan a beautiful actress and then change her, dont waste money paying her for a scan, japanese and korean devs seem to be fine making characters look just like the people they paid for their likeness.

Gameseeker_Frampt39d ago

Everyone calling the character model ugly to fit their social agenda would probably be posting videos/articles complaining about Alien and The Terminator if they were released today. "Woke Hollywood is butchering female characters - instead of getting supermodels we are forced to watch Sigourney Weaver and Linda Hamilton!"

Nobody complained about the way the Kay Vess looked in the cgi trailer last year. Ubisoft didn't change the way the character model looked from then to now. What did happen is players got to see the difference between the cgi and actual gameplay graphics - which for any gamer with half a brain shouldn't be surprised that everything is downgraded when it comes to Ubisoft. Watchdogs, The Division, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry - what they use to sell you the game looks nothing like what you get when you buy it. Why are the people upset with the "uglification" of Kay Vess not also complaining about how bad Galen looks now?