Review: GameScent - Now you can smell your games | KnowTechie

KnowTechie writes: "The GameScent is a unique way to add immersion to your games. Thanks to its HDMI and 3.5mm jack, the device is versatile, so you can use it across your consoles and PC. However, it would be great to see a new range of scents since there are only six, and many smell similar to each other."

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TheLigX35d ago

Ah yes… whenever I play a game I always think that it would be so much better if my home could smell more like gasoline and burnt gunpowder.

staticall35d ago

Boogerman, Binding Of Isaac, Fallout, Postal and Scorn, here i come, smell away!

Skate-AK35d ago

Can't forget Octodad and Harlod Halibut.


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Chevalier2d ago

My friend has Tron Bonne and I got the Persona game