Star Wars Outlaws Launches Day 1 Mission Behind $110 Edition

While the standard $70 edition of the game may not grant access to the Day 1 exclusive mission, the Gold Edition priced at $109 and the Ultimate Edition priced at $129 both include the Season Pass.

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purple10169d ago

If the content is ready to go day one, probably right to include it in the game?

DLC To me means the developers went on further to produce more chapters for the fans

Unless they finished developing and were sitting around twiddling their thumbs for months before release, I can’t see this is dlc

just_looken66d ago

"On-Disc DLC Is For 'Easy Compatibility"
2012 quote

-Foxtrot67d ago

People keep defending this because it’s one mission out of probably a dozen from Jabba but it’s not the point, there shouldn’t be any locked behind a paywall

Ubisoft will do anything to kill hype for a game and hurt their own image in the process

The sad thing is the sales for this will be high, reviewers will give most issues they find the benefit of the doubt and Ubisoft will keep on trucking sadly.

shinoff218367d ago (Edited 67d ago )

First game not completely on disc. Idgaf what you(not you specifically) say that's not the norm.

Then the day one dlc. Day one dlc shouldn't even be a thing unless it's some dumb sh like outfits or something

At this point I'd rather them not make another beyond good and evil. Save it for when they get a fking clue if ever

just_looken66d ago

This has been a thing sense 2012 from capcom yet 12 years later were all say wha and oh ubi is bad.

Hey capcom started this mainstream everyone remember that

VincentVanBro66d ago

Regardless it’s better that we confront this practice now than not at all

Crows9067d ago

Oops...they said the quiet part out loud....

Exclusive mission...Day 1...

In other words. Not early access. It's out day 1.
It's a bunch of horseshit. Some people enjoy eating horse shit these days but that doesnt make it any less shit.

GoodGuy0967d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Just wtf is ubi doing with this game lmao. God just let them release the game, then a story expansion about a year later. All these different editions and dlcs...

I know if the game is truly good then we could probably forget about the BS but I still think it's insane these publishers want to keep pulling stupid crap like this.

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Star Wars Outlaws Original Lead Character Design Revealed In Leaked Concept Trailer

The original character design for the lead character in Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment's Star Wars Outlaws has been leaked.

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monkey6028h ago

Theres nothing to see here really. It's a flash of an early build, long before her final design was developed. Every game ever made has gone though this process.

smolinsk7h ago

Alot of What the final game is. Just look like they moved away from the to much of a Star Wars look and wanted to make it feel more fresh and original. Key West is also the better design now. Good choices with the changes.

Notellin6h ago

Yeah Key West is no longer insufferable because of some Star Wars game. Maybe in the future you can play this game in Key West like you always dreamed.

MeatyUrologist4h ago

I'm still trying to wrap my head around how the DEI stuff relates to games. I know they aren't allowed to have a white person voice a person of color in a game or animation anymore, but why can a person of color voice a white character (like Kay Vess)? I mean I get it from the voice actor standpoint, as they want to support POC actors over non POC ones, but doesn't this hurt representation which is supposed to be one of the main goals of the movement? It is all so confusing.

WolfSeed1h ago

Seriously, how many more female lead roles are we going to get? I think it's excessive and needs a push back.

MeatyUrologist1h ago

I agree. I'm all about representation, but seriously like 75% or more of all recent and upcoming action adventure games have the girl boss main character. It really is becoming excessive and doesn't really make sense. Imagine if every Lifetime movie suddenly was made from the male pov. Again, no problem at all playing as a female lead, but c'mon are male heros not allowed to exist anymore?


Star Wars: Outlaws Hands-On Preview: Déjà vu From a Long Time Ago

The Nerd Stash: "My Star Wars: Outlaws experience at Summer Games Fest 2024 had me walking away less excited about Ubisoft’s upcoming title."

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RhinoGamer8813h ago

All these smart gaming minds and leadership at Ubi and Disney...yet we get a generic action RPG. Shame!

mkis0079h ago

I don't neccessarily hate the ubi open world formula, what I hate is in game resources that are inflated to make you buy stuff from their in game store. Here's hoping the game is serviceable.


Star Wars Outlaws Is A Visual Feast And I'm Digging It

Star Wars Outlaws seems to be on track to set a new standard for visuals in Star Wars games, and I can't wait for it.

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