LawBreakers Being Revived Unofficially, Public Test Happening This Weekend

After six years since servers were killed off, LawBreakers is being revived in an unofficial capacity with playtests happening this weekend.

coolbeans34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Hey, if Gigantic can garner enough attention it can happen for LawBreakers too. Funny thing is that both would share a similar story if going multiplatform:

-Gigantic remained Xbox One/PC until closure
-LawBreakers remained PS4/PC until closure

vTuro2434d ago

Oh shit, it's actually happening? This game was pretty dope. Shame the marketing was shit-tier.

Walalon33d ago

Yeah, the marketing side for this game was Uber Trash. But the gameplay was awesome


Fan-made Launcher Has Made Lawbreakers Playable After 6 Years

An unofficial fan-made launcher for Nexon and Boss Key Productions' first-person shooter, Lawbreakers, has once again made the game playable after 6 years.

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Cliff Bleszinksi Wants Nexon and Third-Party to Revive LawBreakers

Cliff Bleszinksi, aka Cliffy B, opened Boss Key Productions in April 2014 and released the first-person shooter LawBreakers in 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and PC. The studio would close in May 2018 and the servers for the game would shut down in September 2018.

Bleszinksi shown interest in resurrecting LawBreakers. Publisher Nexon also owns the rights to the IP and Bleszinksi is open to talking with Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney.

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Sciurus_vulgaris389d ago

Lawbreakers was never successful, and therefore not worth reviving. It was hero-shooter [incorrectly labeled as an arena] that failed cash in off the popularity of Overwatch.

Gwiz389d ago

LMAO I guess he really thought it was going to be competition.
This wasn't the only game that failed and claiming to be something entirely different.

Battleborn anyone?.

IamTylerDurden1389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

Battleborn flopped but had more going for it than Lawbreakers. Oh how i had wanted to like BB. It had solid art and characters and a campaign but the gameplay nor story were there.

kryteris389d ago

it having mobile graphics should have targeted that.

Inverno389d ago

I'm still amazed this guy opened a new studio, and then shut it down after their first game flopped. Your excuses didn't matter cause all that people got was their money taken, and a product they could no longer play.

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Cliff Bleszinski teases LawBreakers news, after a text from his lawyer

LawBreakers, the Overwatch-style FPS game that closed in 2018, may be getting some news, says director and Gears of War creator Cliff ‘CliffyB’ Bleszinski.

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RaidenBlack400d ago

re-release it as f2p ...
then it'll be the closest modern thing to the glory days of arena shooter perhaps?
the other being the new game: The Finals

darthv72400d ago

Releasing on game pass could spark some new life into it.

KyRo400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

Game pass isn't the answer to everything. Ark Survival Evolved is a game that has sold 35 million copies and is free on GP but on Xbox, both official and unofficial servers are dead yet on PC and PS, it's thriving (I love the game and it done have cross play so play it on any system)

JackBNimble400d ago

Maybe on pc but it might as well be dead on playstation with a handful of people per server if that.
Most servers have 0 on them.

KyRo400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

JackB, You must be talking PvE because PvP, especially unofficial is thriving. This isn't a dig at your beloved Xbox but facts are facts. There's not many people playing ARK on Xbox which surprised me when I bought an Xbox that there were so few people playing it there. I know Xbox player base is tiny in comparison to PC and PS but the servers were dead dead

Asplundh399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

I still play official pvp on Xbox, definitely isn't dead. There's still a decent amount of players for a game that's shutting down in 4 months.

Godmars290399d ago

Only begs the question: what games have GP revitalized?

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vTuro24400d ago

I am cautiously hopiumistic. This game was actually dope and deserved better. I also wish people would stop comparing this game to Overwatch, they're nothing alike.

TheColbertinator400d ago

Hopiumistic is a great word