CliffyB Tweets Claiming Mistake to Put Lawbreakers on Just PS4

CliffyB Tweeted: "Oh and while I have your attention - yes, it WAS a mistake putting LawBreakers on Playstation over Xbox. :)

(when people follow your career from a beloved series such as Gears on Xbox uhhh mighta made sense to put the new game on said console)"

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ApocalypseShadow122d ago

Thinking you had a hit and lightning striking twice was a mistake. Good games transcend platforms. Me too games with low player bases don't last.

anonymousfan122d ago

I would hope one would learn from one's mistakes but when Cliffy says that kind of BS it makes him sound like he still has no clue what makes a great game.

UltraNova122d ago

Exactly, as if a mediocre, bare bones, clone of a game would fair better if it was released on another platform, oh wait it was...on PC.

VenomUK122d ago

Cliffy B. is overthinking it. Quite simply, Lawbreakers was generic and forgettable.

The game received barely average scores across multiple publications and websites. Does he really think that Xbox media and the public would regard it as better just because of their fond memories of Gears of War?

Unfortunately in this business your often only as good as your last game, which in Cliffy’s case is Radical Heights.

AnubisG122d ago

Cliffy B never learns. He loves himself so much. In his eyes, he is amazkng and cannot do wrong. Everyone is at fault but him. So full of himself and that is why he fails over and over again.

bouzebbal122d ago

But your game is shit, deal with it

DerfDerf122d ago

All I'm getting from this is that yall never actually played the game.

darthv72122d ago

Maybe the game could have fared better if it was on both consoles and cross play enabled. But we will never know now. It is what it is so no need to dwell on it there Cliffy.

DOMination-122d ago

"No clue what makes a great game"

Are you serious? he's been responsible for many games that people would class as great. Some of which he was a creative director on. Don't allow his incredible ability to be annoying to alter your perception of history.

morganfell121d ago

So why are some games that only appear on a single platform still a hit. Logic and reality just gut punch Cliffy every time he opens his mouth to make an excuse for his own choices. Maybe the issue this time was he picked the wrong game to copy.

Godmars290121d ago

"makes him sound like he still has no clue what makes a great game."

Doubt he ever did. Given that all his games are arena shooters, he was just in the right place at the right time in the shooter era of gaming.

L7CHAPEL121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

considering that his last two games, lawbreakers and then radical heights are the ONLY two failures he ever actually had, and that's because he was independent and self-financed,
I'd say he has one hell of a clue what makes a good game :
that was essentially the franchise that built epic games, which he was the creative mind 100%.
I love the revisionist history,
but you get a lot of that along with slanted facts with the PlayStation crowd.
he just didn't take into consideration all of the basic business circumstances.
you can't launch self-financed anymore unless you're making a tiny independent game, even then there's a huge chance you won't get an audience but if you lose the consequences are far less.

and @anubisG.
you might want to take a look at his development history and see some of the things he's done before you make an idiotic claim like you did "fails over and over again"
you DON'T know what you're talking about,
at all.

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Ron_Danger122d ago

I’m assuming they mean making a game similar to other popular ones in the genre.

122d ago
rdgneoz3121d ago

Like everyone these days jumping on the battle royal bandwagon with knock offs. Or people trying to follow Overwatch's success and put out imitations of it. Instead of trying to make a good game, they try to pop out a new game to get in on the latest fad.

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gravedigger122d ago

Game was bad, Cliff on both PC and PS4

1Victor122d ago

Exactly mediocre cloned of a popular game and he blame PlayStation players for expecting higher quality and be treated like clients not a homeless at the bank door opening it.
During his gear years he was part of the I hate PlayStation ban wagon and he expected the PlayStation players to receive him with open arms 😂

anubusgold122d ago

Pc version was fine its just the match making sucked and should have had a server browser on Pc but they ignored the pc community.

PurpHerbison122d ago

Well, when you make a clone of a game that already isn't fun then I guess the result is going to be bad.

Ron_Danger122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Cliffs B is such a sad adult. He has so much talent but his ego gets in the way too much. I still remember when he showed up on a live G4 panel taping to try to call out the hosts for giving his game “BulletStorm” a lower than what he thought he deserved score. It was one of the cringiest things to happen in the gaming world.

Edit for vid link:

He’s seriously like the Kim Kardashian (from a few years ago)of the video game world: he’s always trying so hard to stay relevant by being overly vocal when in fact most people just know him for that one thing he did years ago. But unlike Kim who’s actually trying to better herself (by becoming a lawyer/ advocate for people who were unjustly given unfair treatment in the court system), he still try’s to use the tactics he used to to get attention without realizing he needs to improve himself to improve his presence.

morganfell121d ago

I remember when I was going for lunch and Cliff walked out with his girl. By the time we got a table outdoors Cliffy was still sitting in the parking lot over revving the engine on his sports car. Everyone was sitting there trying to enjoy themselves and turning around not in the awe that he wanted but saying what a jerk. He tried to tear out of the parking lot onto Seaboard and almost wrecked his car.

Here he complains about the platform choice as if that is the issue but this is the same guy that said Sony was playing everyone.


scofios122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Cliffy , nobody cares about your stupid game , don't blame the platforms blame yourself.
Lawbreakers and radical heighst where both mediocre games to say the least.and that doesn't change where you put them .

Jin_Sakai122d ago

Lawbreakers was the mistake Cliffy. Accept it and move on.

anubusgold121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Lawbreakers was fun at least you had to aim and not just spam bs like overwatch with huge hitboxes . Playing overwatch is like playing a pc game with a controller.

rainslacker121d ago

Yeah. Keeping it exclusive was the least of the issues with this game. His fan base on Xbox would have made a marginal difference to the overall sales.

He made a cookie cutter game, in an over-saturated genre. The only reason he got as much attention as he did was because of his work on Gears, otherwise, there wasn't much to write home about with the game, and he didn't have the resources to make more than a mid-tier game, nor have a decent marketing budget which is what you need for these kinds of games.

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isarai122d ago

Yeah cause putting it in a platform with less than half as many units out there would've made so much more sense. Your game just didn't stand out and you couldn't help but keep comparing yourself to overwatch. Your marketing sucked and the game wasn't good enough to make up for that mishap. Take the hit and move on Cliff

crazyCoconuts122d ago

He starts the tweet with "oh and while I have your attention...". What a turd. How long was he sitting on that seething and waiting for a brief opportunity where people happen to be listening to him so that he can drop another excuse for failing

Hyperstrada122d ago

There were better options for PS players at the time . His game could of been a Big fish in a small pond type of thing on xbox, Or it just sucked like you said. IDK cause i never had a chance to play it .

rainslacker121d ago

It was on PC also, so the install base of the consoles wasn't the issue. A lot of his fans migrated to PS4 regardless this gen due to MS at the start of this gen, and realistically, the number of people that even know who he was, or what this game was, is pretty insignificant in the overall picture of what's considered a good game. His status as a game developer is just a way to open the door to more exposure. He lacked the funds, and I guess the ability to walk through that door. Almost all the marketing of this game focused around the contention of his comments from the past, his general hostility towards the gaming community(even on the Xbox side when they liked him), and his general douchery at the time. I personally never had much issue with him, but that is just the general feeling I got that people saw him as during the time of marketing this game. Just pissing off some die hard Xbox fans was irrelevant to the success of his game.

-Foxtrot122d ago

LOL. Yes because the console choice was the problem...not the fact it looked generic as hell and was releasing in a sea of other like clones trying to "steal" that "Overwatch magic".

Please, this guy has come out with every excuse in the book for this game failing, just admit it was a shitty generic game.

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spicelicka122d ago

Why did he even say it like that. He should've said not putting it on every platform as a Free to play game was a mistake. I didn't even know this was on PS4 till just now, that's how little exposure it got.

BlackIceJoe122d ago

Lawbreakers wouldn't have sold any better if it was on the Xbox One instead. That being said I would like to see Cliffy B make video games again and I'm curious if he could make a game like Gears of War again or not.

GamerRN122d ago

I'd love for him to return to Gears rather than trying to reinvent a new Gears

BlackIceJoe122d ago

With Rod Fergusson now at Blizzard, I could see Microsoft bring in Cliffy B to help with Gears.

Kribwalker122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

I said that when you announced it.

“ However, as Bleszinksi alludes to, there might have been a loyal audience that was left behind on Xbox One that may have helped keep Lawbreakers above water and gave it a chance to build a foundation to grow upon.”

Yeah, i reckon that would have helped

pwnmaster3000122d ago

Even if it did, it wouldn’t be by much.
The game was generic and honestly the marketing sucked. During the time I barely saw any gameplay of coverage of this game and when it released I didn’t even know lol...

He needs to take and L and move on.

The only way it would of done good on Xbox, if it released now and was on game pass. I guess timing was bad also, but don’t act like if it was release during that time on Xbox it would of done extremely better.

waverider122d ago

Helped to have even lower sales...

BehindTheRows122d ago

"I said that when you announced it."
I mean, it isn't like you'd have said any different, Krib. Let's get real here.

OT: Sorry Cliff, your game didn't resonate. Plenty (and I do mean PLENTY) of other developers saw success exclusively on PS4, so there must have been some other factor at play for Lawbreakers

caddytrek122d ago

You're right, xbox owners don't care about quality, and this pile was way better than anything Microsoft was putting out....

Kiwi66121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

The point that I was trying to get across to you is that no one really likes Lawbreakers

caddytrek121d ago

Listen, I have to block people because a certain person who thought he was too >cool< wouldn't stop harassing me after he couldn't comment on an article anymore.

rainslacker121d ago

I honestly doubt that "loyal audience" would have helped. People were loyal to his prior work more than him, and he is the kind of personality that even if you respect his work, it's often hard to respect him and the way he treated people.

He had fans, but all that does is make it so you have a foot in the door when it comes to marketing your game. He failed to use that opportunity as a benefit, and he never really was able to show off the game in a way that got people excited. Most of the talk I saw centered around the game was more about his attitudes of the past, and present at the time, and how generic the game looked. He didn't have the resources for a better marketing campaign, and relied too heavily on what he felt was his own popularity. To really bank off being a celebrity, it requires fans in the tens, if not hundreds of millions. Not tens or hundreds(being generous as I doubt that many recognize his name), of thousands.

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