Here Are Examples of How the Star Wars Outlaws Factions & Reputation Work

New details about the Star Wars Outlaws factions (syndicates) and how they work in the game has been revealed along with the ESRB info.


"There's a suckered born every minute"

Sorry, just don't see the need to go all in with thos game... wait and see,,and then wait just a bit longer.


Star Wars Outlaws Dev Talks Making a Game Not About Jedi

Star Wars Outlaws creative director Julian Gerighty chats with Game Rant about the game's Force-less gameplay and narrative.

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YourMommySpoils1d 18h ago

Making a game that's outdated going by the hands on Summer Fest demo.


Star Wars Outlaws can be finished in 30 hours, says creative director

Julian Gerighty also reveals a significant feature that was cut early in development…

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Star Wars Outlaws' Space Travel Looks Disappointingly Similar To Starfield's

Spaceships and menus and loading screens oh my

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Einhander19722d ago


The ubisoft game demo showed the ship actually flying out of the station into space, then it warps to Tantooine and fly's through the atmosphere to the planet. It does show a cut scene when actually landing but you can fly over the planet itself.

And besides the complaints about the loading in Starfield wasn't simply the amount of loading it was the amount of time it takes to load with many loads being 60-90 seconds with many people saying that as they played the game load started taking 2 to 3 minutes. As well as complaints about 5-10 second loads going into the inventory.


Agreed, and even if the game delivered none of that, they never promised the robust space travel features for this even to be a complaint.

Look, Ubi can't shut up about it being the first open world Star Wars, sure, but I don't remember Star Wars Outlaws ever being promoted for the custom space ship stuff, boasting number of planets or espace exploration in general, the space flight mechanics had barely even been discussed beyond what was shown in videos before last week, there were no promises, no in-depth discussion, we didn't even knew if those out of orbit flying bits in the previous trailers were actually meant to represent gameplay or just cinematics used to disguise level select loading... Right now we know some level of out of orbit navigation is confirmed but still it's clearly much more in line with an open world gameplay that features aerial vehicles, sure you can fly an airliner in many GTA games but you can't get from Los Santos to Vice City organically and that's ok, no one is complaining it's not more like Flight Simulator, as it wasn't ever meant to be.

CrimsonWing692d ago

Holy sh*t, it’s fine. I saw nothing here to be disappointed about…

You literally do some Star Foxin’ and then go to a planet to land.

Demetrius1d 16h ago

I was surprised u actually pilot a ship I thought it'd be a cutscene transition or some type of fast travel interaction, this and ac shadows looked good, hell atleast we getting some more single player games instead of another online only boring title

gigoran81d 3h ago

the only thing disappointing about this game is that an internet connection is required to make a single player game function.