Star Wars Outlaws ESRB Rating Confirms Focus on Stealth and Gambling Minigames

ESRB has rated Star Wars Outlaws for PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC. Their rating also confirms some of the minigames.

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jznrpg64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Far Cry with a Star Wars skin is my guess for this game. Too bad I’m not a big fan of Far Cry, they have been stale for a long time

ElaBosak64d ago

How did you even come to this conclusion? Lol there's literally no connection to Far Cry other than the publisher.

Tacoboto64d ago

The same development studio (Massive) just released Avatar and Avatar has a lot of that Far Car DNA. I'd bet there's a lot of cross-over in their development.

ElaBosak64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

@Tacoboto Still different teams. Either way, Avatar is an open world game set in the wilderness. How can you possibly make one without "Far Cry DNA" in it? lol Even Red Dead 2 has "Far Cry DNA" in it. "Skin animals to upgrade your pouch and clear gang hideouts. Oh, and collect dinosaur bones on your way"

Star Wars Outlaws looks a different experience. Maybe closer to GTA / Watch Dogs than Far Cry.

KyRo64d ago

How are people all of a sudden praising this game based on Massives and Ubisofts track records? You can seemingly sell people any old trash if it has the Star Wars name attached it seems 🙃

-Foxtrot64d ago

There's a small connection...writing wise

She wrote Far Cry 6 (along with WatchDogs Legion)

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CrimsonWing6964d ago

It looked more GTA to me 🤔. Can you point me out the Far Cry game that looks and plays like this?

Inverno64d ago

People disagreeing seem to be too optimistic this won't turn out mediocre like most of what Ubi releases.

Psychonaut8564d ago

Looks much more like a reskinned Division to me. But a reskin nonetheless.

smolinsk64d ago

The division? Not even close. Actually looks unique for a Ubisoft game

YourMommySpoils64d ago

Oh I'm sorry, when did this game become first person?

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phoenixwing64d ago

Internet required for disc's to work. Not buying.

smolinsk64d ago

Welcome back from your time travel back in time. No internet is the extreme these days and if you don't have Internet then you don't have the money for this game.

phoenixwing64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Obviously you put little thought into your argument. A game requiring servers to run makes the disc a coaster when the servers are shut down. But you don't care about that you probably are a jerk who only sees how things affect yourself. Resorting to calling people poor is funny btw do you call ppl poor whenever they disagree with your world view? I just happen to be of the opinion that single player disc's shouldn't be coasters at the whim of a game company.

Crows9064d ago

Many have internet...you just don't need Internet to be able to play a game once installed...that is actually the norm not your nonsense.

Most games don't require the constant internet connection to play.

Welcome back to reality and hope you stop drinking the mainstream AAA coolaid

staticall64d ago

Ignoring the weird "you don't have the money for this game" argument, look at «The Crew» from the same ol' Ubisoft - you can have all the money and internet in the world, you just can't play the game, because the servers are down, not in singleplayer, not in multiplayer.

With this Star Wars game though, you can't even install it. This is not ok, this should never be the case. You shouldn't need to download even a single byte from the internet in order to install a singleplayer game.

-Foxtrot64d ago

What is with people not getting this whole situation

It's not about people not having the internet, it's just a shitty thing to implement

It's a single player game, you shouldn't need to

Jesus when did so many gamers started bending backwards for Ubisoft.

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CrimsonWing6964d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I think that’s just for the initial install. And seriously, you’re using the internet right now to post this… you sort of need internet for things to work in 2024. My job requires it or we’re dead in the water. I also need it for Netflix and online shopping. I don’t think it requiring a network connection for an install is this crazy terrible thing. No hyperbole here, but when I play a game I always connect to the internet. If my internet goes down I’m on the phone with Comcast immediately, I am not playing a game without my home having a network connection. If there’s no internet that’s priority number 1 and 99.99999% of time it’s just a brief outage that is fixed in less than an hour and even when that happens it’s a rare occurrence.

Helldivers 2, the most beloved game of this year so far, requires an internet connection to play… where is all the hate on that one?

phoenixwing64d ago

Helldivers isn't a single player game though. Again the servers will go down eventually and it will be unplayable for good off of the disc permanently. It's like you don't even care crimson, just because you have internet doesn't mean the company will perpetually pay for server upkeep.

Crows9064d ago

Helldiver's is an online multiplayer game. What's with the constant nonsense these days...

smolinsk63d ago

Precisely the case. Well put.

REDGUM64d ago

You don't have internet? Just asking.

JackBNimble64d ago

Ubisoft already confirmed that you can play offline once the game installs.

What I find hilarious is you guy's complain about needing an internet connection to install that game. But I didn't see any complaints when you needed an internet connection just to set your console to play your single player games offline.

CrimsonWing6964d ago

This exactly! It’s ridiculous this whole “I won’t buy a game because it requires internet!” Do they say the same about Netflix?

phoenixwing64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Yeah once the game installs which means if you ever Uninstall to make room and the servers are gone you can't play it. Better never ever delete it off your hard drive and it's amazing how you guys come to the defense of this practice like it's somehow completely normal to do and for what? Some always online required drm that can be gone at the drop of a hat? I mean does ubisoft pay you guys to be their shills or something?

JackBNimble64d ago

Phoenix you a link on that ?
You don't need to be online to play, which means you're not on any server.

There are other games exactly like that , one which I play and the servers are down after 8 years and I still can play the single player game.

phoenixwing64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

@jack the server is the online data required to be on to interact with the drm on the disc. It connects online and allows the disc to install. Do you follow the logic of what happens when the greedy company turns off that online component from their servers? Your single player disc won't connect if you try to play it fresh after its shut down. Hence your disc becomes a coaster.

If you don't understand that then ill just think your unable to comprehend English or are a shill.

smolinsk63d ago

It's the cancel culture and it's getting way out of hand. They also complained about the girl in the game is ugly and Ubisoft not using the actual actor who Motion captured vees. I mean it's a design choice they can do what they feel is right. The pricing on the special editions are to steep that's it. It's insane with the cancel culture out there trying to ruin everything.

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Ironmike64d ago

Hear we go with hate I might just be decent