Star Wars Outlaws physical release requires internet to install

While plenty of people will be excited to see that Star Wars Outlaws finally has a release date, there is a little bit of eyebrow-raising news accompanying it. Even though it is a single-player game, you must have an internet connection to install the physical version.

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-Foxtrot69d ago

Annnnnd interest lost

People need to stop supporting this shit

BrettAwesome68d ago

Name one game that doesn't need day one patches to run properly

QuantumMechanic68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Go visit doesitplay.org and learn that 85%+ single-player games on Sony and Nintendo platforms are very much playable off their discs. They may have some minor bugs or may have some imperfections in their performance, but are generally fine to play to completion.

Jingsing68d ago

Common Xbot/PC player misconception. majority of games are playable from disc without patch data

ravens5268d ago

It's a misconception cause people like Destin likes to misinform his Xbot audience. Kinda annoying, a lot of the YouTubers do it. But ye I was interested, I'm good now. Maybe when it's 20$

I_am_Batman68d ago

The vast majority of games in my collection. You wouldn't have to ask that question if you made informed purchasing decisions. If more people did, we wouldn't have to deal with nonsense like this at all.

MetroidFREAK2168d ago

Not about a day 1 patch ya dingus... its about having online DRM for no reason

shinoff218368d ago

Star ocean 2 remake. Day one patch only adds some uncommon languages. Doesitplay.org is a friend

Markusb3368d ago

usually optional and not required, games should launch in a complete state, of course improvements can be made, but a physical game should need no internet

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JackBNimble68d ago

Well you're on the internet and you needed the internet just to setup your ps5 or xbox .... doesn't most everyone rely on the internet in one way or another?
Doesn't a huge amount of games rely on day one patches to run properly? Sure you can play some games without the patch but are they glitchy broken mess?

It's completely another thing if you need the internet to play a single player game.

Pixelift68d ago

You sound so petty. "Poor me, I have to use the internet to install a game."

-Foxtrot68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

And you sound like the type of person who lets shitty companies get away with this which results in the industry getting a little bit worse each time

You allow the cancer within the industry to spread and then bitch about it years later with "How did it get to this"

So thanks for that...must be so proud to defend a multi-million dollar company


And the Hype just died you need internet for both Phyicial and Digital it's a pass for me.

Pixelift68d ago

You must have had a stupidly low-level of hype to let your interest in a videogame to be lessended over it's installation requirements.

Popsicle68d ago

Let’s be honest. Was anybody hype for this game to begin with? All they did was make it even less appealing.

Lightning7769d ago

I don't expect Ubisoft to respond. Even if they do it will be poor excuse for the reason.

It's clear now they trying to control your rights to your games now. Remember they said you won't own your games at all now. This physical disc that you bought your PS, Xbox or PC needs to be online to play it.

They're owning our physical purchases now.

I freakin saw this comin years ago. The disc is just a key now. Not supporting this BS.

banger8869d ago

MS also does the same thing with their exclusives: Forza Horizon 4 & 5, Starfield, Halo Infinite. All can be played offline single player, but have mandatory downloads beforehand. I expect the upcoming Fable and Avowed will pull the same shit, hope I'm wrong. I'm a physical collector, so I won't support these practices.

Zeke6868d ago

And Diablo 4, even saves are on the severside apart from offline on consoles... Bleak future for us gamers tbh.

Pixelift68d ago

I wouldn't expect them to respond to all this nonsense about not wanting the internet to be involved in game update/install.

Rebel_Scum69d ago

Since when did you never need internet for installation? All games pretty much download a chunk of data to install not including day 1 patches.

isarai69d ago

Ive played tons of games this gen just fine without needing online or updates. Hell i put 13hrs into Dragons Dogma 2 while my internet was down, not a single issue. Maybe stay away from EA/UBI/ACTI/MS AAA publishers

Rebel_Scum68d ago

The article is talking about requiring internet to install. Not requiring it to play the game once installed.

isarai68d ago


.....yeh, i know🤨

Kornholic69d ago

This is BS. Majority of the games on discs are installable and playable from the disc, no downloads required. Do your research instead of spreading misinformation.

GhostMirror68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

All of those games will receive post release patches that require you to sign in and authenticate with your account before you can download them. What he’s saying about all modern games downloading some amount of data is true, unless all you ever want to play is the original unpatched release.

Kornholic68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Post-release patches are not required to play a game offline. Period.

A game that ships with the full game on the disc will always be installable from the disc and playable from start to finish. No downloads required.

Your post was completely pointless.

Rebel_Scum68d ago

Stuff research mate. I remember since the 360 days when installation was requiring internet.