Star Wars Outlaws Different Editions Revealed, 3-Day Early Access Part of Perks

The Star Wars Outlaws different editions have been revealed, with the Ultimate and Gold Editions granting three-day early access to buyers.

-Foxtrot76d ago

It’s funny

The only collectors edition from them I’d have been interested in and yet they haven’t done one

They do them for literally everything and for Star Wars they couldn’t be arsed

Christopher76d ago

Where's his steelbook case Star Wars? Where?!?

-Foxtrot76d ago


(they have one, it's just US exclusive)

Besides the more I'm hearing of the game at the minute, the less excited I'm getting so it's probably not all that bad.

coolbeans76d ago

Hell hath no fury like a gamer robbed of his steelbook.

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MetroidFREAK2176d ago

The requires internet to install like Avatar Frontiers of Pandora... I love DRM

phoenixwing76d ago

Wow it's a single player game and has to be online

Crows9076d ago

They'd prefer if you don't actually own the game...in case they need to revoke your access

jznrpg76d ago

I am concerned that the game will be similar to the Avatar game they made. Looks nice and fun for a little bit but boring after first handful of hours or so. But sometimes companies surprise you so I’m not going to totally write it off.

Chocoburger76d ago

Imagine paying extra to play a rushed out unpolished Ubi-junk game early. What a joke.


Star Wars Outlaws Original Lead Character Design Revealed In Leaked Concept Trailer

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monkey6022d ago

Theres nothing to see here really. It's a flash of an early build, long before her final design was developed. Every game ever made has gone though this process.

smolinsk2d ago

Alot of What the final game is. Just look like they moved away from the to much of a Star Wars look and wanted to make it feel more fresh and original. Key West is also the better design now. Good choices with the changes.

Notellin1d 23h ago

Yeah Key West is no longer insufferable because of some Star Wars game. Maybe in the future you can play this game in Key West like you always dreamed.

smolinsk1d 8h ago (Edited 1d 8h ago )

Kay Vess😅. God Speed

MeatyUrologist1d 21h ago

I'm still trying to wrap my head around how the DEI stuff relates to games. I know they aren't allowed to have a white person voice a person of color in a game or animation anymore, but why can a person of color voice a white character (like Kay Vess)? I mean I get it from the voice actor standpoint, as they want to support POC actors over non POC ones, but doesn't this hurt representation which is supposed to be one of the main goals of the movement? It is all so confusing.

Inverno1d 14h ago

Because these people have changed the meaning of racism so that they can be openly racist. Forget the fact that white people aren't even the majority race of the world, or even the only ones with bad history. But gotta push that lie in the name of "diversity" and "representation". It's not confusing at all, it's bs being thrown at our faces amd then we're gaslit when we start questioning it.

WolfSeed1d 19h ago

Seriously, how many more female lead roles are we going to get? I think it's excessive and needs a push back.

MeatyUrologist1d 19h ago

I agree. I'm all about representation, but seriously like 75% or more of all recent and upcoming action adventure games have the girl boss main character. It really is becoming excessive and doesn't really make sense. Imagine if every Lifetime movie suddenly was made from the male pov. Again, no problem at all playing as a female lead, but c'mon are male heros not allowed to exist anymore?


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The Nerd Stash: "My Star Wars: Outlaws experience at Summer Games Fest 2024 had me walking away less excited about Ubisoft’s upcoming title."

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RhinoGamer882d ago

All these smart gaming minds and leadership at Ubi and Disney...yet we get a generic action RPG. Shame!

mkis0072d ago

I don't neccessarily hate the ubi open world formula, what I hate is in game resources that are inflated to make you buy stuff from their in game store. Here's hoping the game is serviceable.

phoenixwing1d 13h ago

I don't hate the formula I hate the bloated grinding in order to sell dlc to fix the problem they made like in Valhalla. Add in the fact this new ubisoft game is online only and I dont want it.


Star Wars Outlaws Is A Visual Feast And I'm Digging It

Star Wars Outlaws seems to be on track to set a new standard for visuals in Star Wars games, and I can't wait for it.

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