Dazzling, fierce and deep, K-Console action ‘Stellar Blade’ challenges the world

“70 years since the first dive, we have finally become the first survivors.” This is the line spoken by the main character, Eve, in the first released video of ‘Project Eve’, Shift Up’s console challenge, in April 2019. Over the past five years, her appearance, setting, and even the title have changed. While it received a new name, ‘Stellar Blade’ and was embraced by Sony, the market environment in which it had to challenge itself also changed. ‘P’s Lies’ and ‘Dave the Diver’ were the first to leave meaningful marks in a place that was virtually a wasteland when the project was launched. That's why expectations and support for the next challenger are hotter than ever.

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Greetings from the newly minted CEO - Shams Jorjani

Operating under the username BigKahuna_AGS, Jorjani created a lengthy thread on the Helldivers subreddit to introduce himself to the community following his appointment as CEO in early May.


Stellar Blade Tops Circana April Charts

The latest US sales data is out, and while hardware may be down for the big 3, software is ruling the day, including Stellar Blade topping the charts

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helicoptergirl17h ago

Must be weird for Xbox fans to see Sea Of Thieves at number 4 on the NPD charts

CrimsonWing692h ago

Well, would you look at that Sony! Guess there’s an audience after all for this stuff.

JEECE2h ago

I wonder where the change from "NPD" to "Circana" ranks on the chart of lamest rebrands? And yes I know it changed awhile ago it just annoys me every time I see it.


Frostpunk 2 Dev Talks Creative Risks, Supply and Demand, and More

Game Rant speaks with Frostpunk 2 co-game director and design director Jakub Stokalski about everything 11 bit poured into the sequel.

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