PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan Reveals PS2 Sold 160 Million Units Worldwide

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) President and CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that PlayStation 2 sales reached a staggering 160 million units sold worldwide.

The soon-to-be-retired gaming boss offered an updated figure during a chat on a recent episode of the Official PlayStation Podcast. The conversation saw him covering his time at Sony while talking about the company’s direction for the future.

When asked about what the 2000s brought to mind, Ryan responded with, “The 2000s? That would be, I would say, 160 million, which is the number of PS2s that we sold. A high watermark.”

just_looken54d ago

The ps2/ps3 era so many dam good games and then you got the online im sure i am not the only one with a ps2 network disc that still works and the modem/lan deal for the ps2.

Great consoles all around

Cacabunga53d ago

The same moron Ryan doesn't understand that great games not gaas is the reason why PS2 was so successful

just_looken53d ago

Ryan took charge in 2018 sense then we got the gutted ps4 update that killed simple coms 2 of the main studios dead went from multiple new exclusives on ps4 to the ps5 ghost town.

Crossplay that killed competitive gaming and just simple controller vs controller

Gaas crap like you said

Ps4 ip's just dead

hey were is my ps move support eye toy or even the ps vr support ryan?

The ps vita 2 rip

The horrible ps5 user interface

Sony push into making there games for everyone moved hq to cali now all esg

There psn chat being monitored by ai can not say/share anything now eyes are watching you

That is just the top of my head its just not the games ryan failed to understand under his leadership he killed alot of what made playstation.

blackblades53d ago

Ps2 couldnt even do gaas or anything it was forced go that one route.

Modpeel53d ago

Horrible Ps5 interface? Ya, ok. That's not a thing. At least you tried

jznrpg53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

PS2 was one of the best generations ever if not the best. Imo much better than PS3 gen though there were some great games during the PS3 gen it started out a little slow and finished strong

Shane Kim53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Imo the classic consoles stopped with PS3. Now it's just copy and paste games, online, gaas and dlc's. This is why I really like FF7 Rebirth. Feels like a classic game.

Cacabunga53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

PS3 is my favorite PS console ever, followed closely by PS1.
PS2 was amazing but i haven’t been gaming much that gen.. too busy with schooling and stuff..
PS4 was just copy paste of PS3, like Shane said. Other than bloodborne and VR i didn’t feel there was something truly incredible and worth remembering last gen for.

FinalFantasyFanatic53d ago

I pray that my PS2/PS3 never dies, I have so many good games trapped on them, I know one out of two of my PS2s have died (I was considering opening it up and having a lot inside).

just_looken53d ago

I had my launch xbox die it was the power supply i never knew until i got a new one and after the fact opened my old one that the power supply could be replaced with a few cables :(. You never know it could be a simple ribbon cable

FinalFantasyFanatic52d ago

Hopefully it's something simple, it still powers on, just doesn't output picture/video or sound.

Relientk7754d ago

The game library of the PS2 speaks for itself. These sales are absolutely well deserved. PS2 is still arguably the best game console of all time.

just_looken54d ago

Game library and the features third console to have online mp but it became mainstream thanks to ps2/xbox then you got that sweet dvd player and the console size got so tiny. Singstar/eye toy the portable version oh also that component cable output then the whole sp game after months getting somewhat boring well gameshark it woot woot

FinalFantasyFanatic53d ago

I did main my PS2 as a DVD player when I wasn't playing games, good times.

Sgt_Slaughter53d ago

I just wish the video quality was better on the system since I've got so many classics for it. Yes, it can go all the way up to 1080i for certain games, but even today it's hard to get the right cables and the right calibration to make things look great compared to the Xbox or GC

just_looken53d ago

If you can there hard 2 find but launch ps3 consoles with backwards compatibility are great for replaying ps2 games.

FinalFantasyFanatic53d ago

I plug my PS2 into my AVR, but that seems to be more complicated that I would have expected, maybe I can find a component to HDMI converter at some point.

SimpleSlave53d ago

While I would always consider the OG XBOX as the best system during that generation - some of the games were truly next gen. So much so that the graphics actually affected the gameplay and game design - I still love the PS2. Still, it's clearly obvious that we are beyond spoiled now a days. Where the most middle of the road game has better controls and gameplay that half the PS2 library. Ditto for the Indie scene.

The reality is that the PS4 is the greatest console of all times by a country mile and the PS4/Switch/WiiU/Xbone generation is the greatest gen ever. Not even close. The PS4 physical library is almost ludicrous at this point. Then you add the digital library and there was never a comparison.

Skuletor53d ago

Your opinion isn't "reality".

SimpleSlave53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

@Skuletor - Neither is yours, bud. Still, I never claimed it to be my opinion, it was just an observation based on the quality of titles released for the console. From compilation of classics, to re-releases of classic, to its own unique library of physical and digital games released throughout the 10 years of its existence. All of it counting toward making the PS4 the best console ever released.

If you don't agree then you're more than welcome to chime in with something a bit more substantial. Otherwise, why bother?

mcstorm52d ago

I get where you are coming from. For me I enjoyed the Dreamcast the most that gen and seeing PS2 Vs DC games now I kind of know why with the output being better on the DC. I also owned a Xbox, GameCube and PS2 but the PS2 was my least used console that gan.

I was surprised at the time as I played my psx alot more than my Saturn and N64 I have found each gen my preference has changed. Just like the Xbox one, PS4 and WiiU gen I played more of the WiiU than the other two.

I'm fully off consoles at the moment and own a Rog Ally with a 3080 that I connect it to when docked and I've really enjoyed this console alot more than I thought I would.

That said the sales of the PS2 is impressive and I can see why people like it so much but just like anything in life some of us prefer other things to what is popular.

Just like I've never owned an apple product as they are just not for me.

SimpleSlave52d ago

@mcstorm - I'm pretty much the same way. My favorite consoles are the OG Xbox, the PS1, and the Sega CD with all 5 games. Then it's the PS4. So I'm not even saying this as a number one fan or anything like that.

As you said, some prefer the popular system, and that's fine, I don't see anything wrong with that. I think the problem lies when they make their taste the holy grail of anything. In the case of the PS2, the system was absolutely amazing, and I never even imply otherwise. Some legendary series were either born or expanded on that system, no doubt about it. But I think, when you step back and look at the experiences and games and franchises released for each of the systems, the PS4 is simply at a ludicrous place. And I do believe, only when looking back, people will come to realize this.

People do forget that back in those days, there were actually less games coming out. The gaming droughts were absolutely real and brutal. If there was nothing coming out, then there was literally nothing coming out. Now? There is never really a drought. When people say nothing is coming out, they mostly refer to AAA and popular games, but if you keep your eyes on the industry, you know that a plethora of great games come out on a monthly basis. From AA to Indy games. There's always something coming out and a lot of it is pretty good.

And that's probably the problem. When there is so much good stuff coming out, nothing in particular stands out. So it does seem like no legendary games are being released compared to the PS2. But there are and you just have to look for them, sadly. Especially when a lot of these games are only coming out digitally, so they become even more obscure and difficult to reach. Like I said, in 20 years, people will look back at the PS4 library and be in complete astonishment as to how they miss most of it.

As somebody that collected for the XBOX, PS2 and mainly the PS1, I can tell you there are so many hidden gems in those systems, it's pretty surprising. And as somebody that tried to collect for the PS4? I gave up. I can't really keep up anymore. It's too much. Too many great games coming out that are worthy of having in the collection, but between digital, limited runs, European and Japanese only releases, things got way out of hands a few years ago.

I would love to see a complete collection of the system. I think it'll put stuff in perspective for some.

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Sgt_Slaughter53d ago

So odd that the number is suddenly higher than previously thought right as the Switch is closing in on the long standing record.

Crows9053d ago

They stopped reporting numbers so....yeah

ShwaaMan53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I mean I hear what you’re saying, he did just round up by 2 million, but that doesn’t mean he’s lying either, maybe just updating the official number. The Switch still has 15 million to go to beat the Nintendo DS and another 5 million (approx) to beat the PS2… and it’s in its 7th year now. Also, if it does end up surpassing the PS2 will it hold that record for another 20 years like PS2 did?
A massive success for any of the big 3 is good for everyone, it drives the competition and should be celebrated across the board in my opinion. It makes everyone notice and adapt to the winning formula which is good for all of us. I love my Switch, it’s the first Nintendo system I have owned since GameCube, but they all have their strengths and I love my PlayStation and I have had all of them. Sony caters to my preferences in gaming more than the others. But that’s me.
Fanboys are so odd, what a weird thing to flex. Hey guess what, Microsoft has sold 600 million copies of Windows 7, mic drop?🤷‍♂️

mkis00753d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Whatever your hinting at is stupid; most people assumed ps2 was above 160 million because of the time between last sales report and last console manufactured. Switch is handheld, it will always be competing in that space. Ps2 had a smaller industry as well. Unless you think it would succeed without being a portable? Wii u 2?

Good-Smurf53d ago

IKR, all Nintendo did was they finally made more powerful Wii U portable and that's plays into their strength.
And it doesn't take much to make something more powerful than Wii U even back then.
It would have been a lot lower in sales if it wasn't a Hybrid console.
PS2 was able to do that huge numbers with much smaller industry and without the help of social media and easy access to cheap fast internet.

ChasterMies53d ago

Never underestimate the trickle of sales of old hardware. I’m glad that Sony keeps old hardware (and games for the old hardware) on the market after the new hardware releases.