Sony Needs to Figure Out PlayStation VR 2

PlayStation's VR headset won't succeed if Sony doesn't help it.

thorstein61d ago

Sorry, buddy. Story after story on N4G keeps showing games coming to PSVR2. Quoting old Bloomberg rumors about the stop in production doesn't make it so.

It's rumored that there will be PC support, I think that's a great direction but has it been confirmed.

So YOU don't use your PSVR2. OK. That doesn't mean anything for the rest of us who do. What are they doing wrong?

Not hand delivering sales reports to your inbox?

Most sales are always estimates. I haven't seen many stories that show otherwise.

Lightning7761d ago

IGN and everyone else reported on Sony pausing production on VR2.

OtterX61d ago

A pause is a temporary thing to sell through existing stock. A price drop and the announcement of a couple of key exclusives could really get things rolling again.

talocaca61d ago

And every article says "as reported by Bloomberg"...so basically nothing to report but the sites want the clicks...

ModsDoBetter60d ago

The denial of Otter and Thor is laughable.

Can't wait to check in sometime in the near future and see if they hold the same die hard view that the PSVR2 is a first party supported platform.

CrimsonWing6961d ago (Edited 61d ago )

There’s also stories about halting production do to slow sales…

The truth of the matter is this has been a flop and it sucks because VR is a game changer and I can see Sony not supporting this next-gen.

DaReapa60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

@ thorstein

No rumor regarding PC support. Sony stated that themselves...

1Victor60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

@DaRe:”No rumor regarding PC support. Sony stated that themselves…”
As per your link the only PSVR2 new PC info they show is as follows 👇👇
“Also, we’re pleased to share that we are currently testing the ability for PS VR2 players to access additional games on PC to offer even more game variety in addition to the PS VR2 titles available through PS5. We hope to make this support available in 2024, so stay tuned for more updates.

Petebloodyonion60d ago

As much as YOU want to be in DENIAL about this piece of news by playing the rumor card I could point out that there's a reason why main media sites like IGN, Gamestop, etc are reporting Bloomberg articles because they are a reputable media conglomerates around the world and scrutinized by many press ethical group.

If the story was false then why a big company like Sony who's not afraid to press charges didn't threaten Blooberg with a case of slander?

z2g60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

There aren’t very many of “us” who buy the headset. That means not many devs have a lot of incentive to dump a lot of money into developing on it. Hence why we get stupid games for it.

Sales are only estimates until figures come out and can also be figured out doing basic deductive math. Not hard. It was fine when every one was doing that to make fun of Xbox, right?

Sony happily blasts out ps5 numbers all day, and barely ever mentions psvr2. That should say something. It’s the most expensive and least supported peripheral Sony offers right now.

Sorry. It’s not good.

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61d ago
badboyz0961d ago

#1 price (Lower the price your wired also I need to buy a $399 console your competition once again has you beat)
#2 Games (I want some AAA 1st party games to make me choose you over the oculous)
#3 Guarantee (as a customer I want a guarantee from you that this product will be supported for years to come with apps,games,attachments...

Jingsing61d ago

I think part of the issue will be no exclusives. Now that Sony has basically abandoned exclusive games (god knows why) PSVR2 on PC all but confirms that there will never be a reason to buy it over a Quest 3 much to my disappointment.

UltimateOwnage60d ago

I disagree. Quest 3 has mediocre LCD displays, no HDR brightness, limited FOV and haptics that aren’t even in the same league. PSVR2 could be the best PCVR headset under $500 once support is fully added. Based on what iVRy has been posting they are updating the firmware a lot lately and more PC plug-and-play access is being opened up on the device. It’s a no brainer for PCVR even compared against Quest 2/3. Quality matters in VR as much as content for the immersion. PC will drive PSVR2 to new heights.

Notsofast61d ago

PlayStation just needed to make at least 10 AAA games that are exclusive to PSVR 2 and advertise it which Sony doesn't realize can be done now by just sponsoring streamers on twitch and youtube with the product

Jingsing61d ago

Unfortunately Sony's current direction means no more exclusives as they have all gone to PC along with this headset. I can't have been the only person that seen this strategy as self harm to their business. No exclusives means less people will be around to buy your console or your VR headset platform.

ModsDoBetter60d ago


They don't support the platform.

It undersold (Sony not releasing figures after the disappointing first wave speaks volumes) then closed down one of their VR studios - they do not care about the platform yet people live in denial.

Skuletor61d ago

Sony should throw some money Valve's way and get Half-Life: Alyx on the PSVR2

Jingsing61d ago

They already threw them plenty of money by giving away all their console exclusives that Valve made profit on by being the platform holder. Valve said thank you very much we'll keep Half Life: Alyx and your games on our rival device Steam Deck and Sony is left looking like an idiot. Platform holder is king, however Sony seem hell bent on self destruction and want to become EA or Ubisoft.

StormSnooper61d ago

What are you talking about? Is this wishful thinking?

Number1TailzFan60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Valve are not interested in consoles, well Gabe Newell isn't, they would hand it to someone else to port the game over if they were going to do that.

Skuletor60d ago

Valve making a percentage off Sony's sales for the privilege of using their store, isn't equivalent to Sony throwing money their way to get one of their games on their platform.