Nvidia AI Demo Unwittingly Proves that Human Voice Actors, Artists, and Writers are Irreplaceable

Nvidia presented Covert Protocol, a tech demo aiming to showcase the "power" of the Nvidia Ace technology applied to video game characters.

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Eonjay88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

They look like they are in pain. Almost begging to be put down. It was uncomfortable to watch.


The tech. is too early. Come back in 10+yrs and see what it can do then.

N3mzor88d ago

That presentation sounds like it was written by an AI using corporate buzzwords.

CS788d ago

I don’t know why people keep thinking of it as AI vs no AI.

A much more likely scenario is the use of AI alongside human work.

Eg. AI voices used during side quests or banter to boost the lines of dialog.

AI generating additional pre determined branches in dialog tree options for more freedom in conversations with NPCs

Smellsforfree88d ago

"AI generating additional pre determined branches in dialog tree options for more freedom in conversations with NPCs"

I'm wondering about that last one. Will that make a game more fun or more immersive? In the end, how can it possibly be more than filler content and then if it is filler content how much do I really want to engage with conversing with it if I know it will lead no where?

MrBaskerville88d ago

It's one of those things that sounds cool on paper. But will probably get old fast.

DivineHand12588d ago

The tech is now available, and it is up to creators to create something unique with it.

Profchaos88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

The biggest thing to talk about here is that every interaction requires communication to inworld servers so there's three big impacts here
1) games are always online no question about it
2) delays in processing on inworld servers, outages or unexpected load as a result of some astronomically popular game will cause real time game delays ever wait for a chat got response this will be similar as the context must be pulled via the llm.

Now as for the other impact the artistic one no I don't think writers can be replaced I've mentioned before often AI generated writing is word soup I still standby that it's also evident in the video to.
AI can not convery accurately human emotions and I don't think ever will.

I know publishers are looking to cut down on development costs but what happens when inworld decide to charge per interaction or update their pricing a year after your game goes live you have no choice but pay it or shutter it.

Ive felt for a while that we are heading towards this place of games being disposable entertainment and now it's feeling more and more accurate

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EA Hiring Ex-Military Personnel to Help Build Next Battlefield Game via "Hiring Our Heroes" Program

EA has hired ex-military personnel in order to help shape the next Battlefield game as part of the Hiring Our Heroes (HOH) program.

OtterX1d 12h ago (Edited 1d 12h ago )

Why don't you Hire Your Old Dev Team who brought us the brilliance of Battlefield Bad Company 2 while you're at it. It was more exciting than anything recent in the Battlefield series. It just needs to be updated to reach modern times, but it was so great at its core.

just_looken1d 10h ago

This would be nice but that team has tossed out the finals and has arc raiders on the back burner

20 thousand still play the final's

Why get slapped around by ea when you already have something going on.

What the next battlefield needs is a step back simple functional not a live service and smaller player servers than 2042. Just make it like battlefiled 3 with bad company destruction just something simple

But they already killed off ridgeline games that had ex halo/cod devs so no singleplayer unless they make another dev team for it.

Rynxie1d 10h ago

It's what made zipper and slant six awesome. They had military vets working for them, no just as consultants, but as developers as well. I wish Sony never closed them, MAG 2 or an update to MAG and a new socom is much needed.