Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 Showcases Gorgeous Photo Mode Screenshots

The upcoming action-adventure sequel will feature a photo mode at launch, developer Ninja Theory has confirmed.

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PrinceOfAnger90d ago

Will look insane on PC!
Probably the best looking game of 2024.

Cacabunga90d ago

Looks good.. i might try it when it comes to PS5.. not fan of interactive games no more but I’m curious about this one. Just hope there is just some kind of freedom

GamerRN90d ago

I get the troll comment, but can we not?

RaidenBlack89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

wait ... which way is this a troll comment? Genuinely asking? Just pointing out another good looking UE5 game coming out this year? Or that's also allowed no more?

PrinceOfAnger90d ago

That would be Death Stranding.

Ironmike89d ago

Bit like deathstranding and u were all going nuts of that pile dog poo oh wait it's an xbox exclusive gtfo

Terry_B90d ago

Never played Death Stranding..probably never will..what does this have to do with Hellblade 2 being a walking sim? Because yes, its super likely one just like the first part.

MrWood90d ago

Are you trolling? The first game had intense combat, boss fights, and puzzles! It’s not a walking sim just because its linear with a big story focus.

PrinceOfAnger90d ago

I played death stranding from start to finnish and yes it is a Walking sim, @MrWood
Clearly he didn't play hellblade 1
2 will be even better.

Reaper22_90d ago

The fact that you used the phrase
" walking sim" to describe a game you haven't played then denied playing another one is funny. Perhaps the next time don't use

Julion071589d ago

If it’s not a game you look to enjoy why come here with the lame take and hate for no reason?

Ironmike89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Because deathstranding is also a walking sim in fact walking is big part of the gameplay or haven't u played it so they are similar if u think hellblade is a walking sim which I don't by way

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Sonic188190d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Unfortunately the game will only be 8 hours long from all the rumors I've heard

Terry_B89d ago

And yes..I played Hellblade 1. And yes..its MAINLY a walking sim.

Ironmike89d ago

No it not calling bs on this

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Obscure_Observer90d ago

True next gen visual awesomeness!

Ninja Theory is on a whole new level!

Definitely my most anticipated game this year!

Eonjay90d ago

I'm not really interested in the game as something to play but you can't deny how amazing the visuals are. The visuals are spectacular. I can easily see it getting best graphics of the year.

darthv7290d ago

...the audio should be up to par or even better than the first as well. That was something that really stood out about the first.

dumahim90d ago

Yes. Even for anyone who hasn't played, it's worth checking out the intro section of the game with headphones on to get a sense for what it's like. I ignored the suggestion when I played and thought surround sound would be good enough, but when I dug into the developer diary videos about making the game, I finally checked it out and regretted that decision.


Einhander197290d ago

True next gen visual awesomeness!

On xbox... PlayStation has been next gen since Ratchet and Clank, but congrats to Microsoft for releasing a next gen game half way through the generation. Sadly 75% of xbox owners will be playing it on a last gen console called the Series S.

Of course next gen really starts when the PS5 Pro launches later this year.

I can't wait to see what the graphics look like on the real next gen console the PS5 Pro.

Julion071589d ago

That’s awesome you need a cookie?

PSPSA89d ago

Ratchet and Clank runs on the Steamdeck. The Series S is stronger than a Steamdeck. I can't think of any PS5 games that would not be able to run fine on Series S with adjustments.

Sitdown89d ago

Please unplug. go outside, and grow up. This level of loyalty is just ignorant, and highly unnecessary here.

SyntheticForm89d ago

You're to PlayStation what ObscureObserver is to Xbox.

Master of Cringe.

Ironmike89d ago

Mt ps5 being full of remasters nothing on either console screams next gen and the ssd thing already being proved fslse

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SimpleSlave90d ago

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 showcases gorgeous photo mode screenshots while Dragon's Dogma 2 showcases gorgeous gameplay.

Mayhaps it's time we see another side of Senua, the side that matters...

Soy90d ago

DD2 is also over two months closer to release.