Hands on Shadowrun

Shadowrun, for the uninformed, is a pen-and-paper game in the style of Dungeons and Dragons, but with a very futuristic and dark setting. It blends technology and the reemergence of magic and fantasy races into the modern world. It's a very compelling world that holds a great deal of intrigue and infinite possibilities. With such a lush and inventive role-playing game at their fingertips, what could the new development team make but the most natural of transitions? Shadowrun will be on the Xbox 360 and the PC, and it will be reincarnated as a first-person shooter.

The game will be bringing a few pieces of its source material's flavor, with technology and magic becoming a large strategic element to the game. The two forces will be opposing each other, thus the more magic your avatar has the less technology he or she can use. In the vein of technology, characters can "equip" (if the game follows the setting, it would likely be a cybernetic implant) a visual aid which allows them to see heat signatures through walls. Tech heads could also whip out their handy glider and swoop into or out of battle in a floating maneuver somewhat like a horizontal jetpack. On the opposing side, magic users can conjure a magical tree that heals all within a radius. Budding magic could also teleport short ranges, appearing instantly about ten feet in a direction of their choosing, including up through floors. Finally, with enough skill, magic users can even revive fallen comrades on the field.

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USMChardcharger5819d ago

i hope they do this right...i was disappointed that it was announced as a FPS.
never should have gone in this direction. maybe they will put a heavy infuence of RPG elements into the mix and make it more like the way oblivion tackles rpgs.

Sphinx5819d ago

I think it looks really good, and I'm looking forward to finding a good balance of tech and magic.

Anerythristic265819d ago

They really dropped the ball when they made this a FPS. This should have been a strait RPG , anybody that plays Shadowrun or used to play Shadowrun knows it has one of the most interesting core stories in modern science fiction. This coulda been a huge expandable franchise. My god if they had the money to make it a MMORPG , the sky would be the limit if the game was done well. At this point I am extremely unexcited about this title and will wait and see what becomes of it. Be aware Shadowrun fans that the company that purchased the license from FASA has put a disclaimer on there site basically saying this game has nothing to due with the Shadowrun canon but the name. Later

USMChardcharger5819d ago

but FASA is owned by M$ and FASA still has the shadowrun license.

i think another company my owns the rights to the pen and paper, but that is it.

Anerythristic265819d ago

It was the pen and paper company.

PS360PCROCKS5819d ago

I am just sitting back and waiting for the preview and review on this one