We Need More Video Games from Licenced IPs

JDR thinks the gaming industry needs more licensed IPs. It's basically a cry for Firefly: The Game, and why not? JDR delves deeper into why more isn't adapted for the interactive screen.

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Nacho_Z126d ago

Nah. Video games are their own thing they wouldn't be improved by leeching off Hollywood more.

Skuletor126d ago

Read the article and it gives no mention of the many problems prevalent with licensed IPs, such as games and dlc being delisted when their licenses expire, Adult Swim games being the most recent example.

Chocoburger126d ago

Only if they're good, if its going to be a 2D sprite art game, you can get away with a small team and small budget. But if you're going to make it a 3D polygonal game, you're going to need a large team with a large budget, and often times these licensed games are quickly pushed out the door, unpolished, rough, boring, bland, snorefest at best, and downright broken at worst.

We have an Indiana Jones and James Bond game currently being developed by two veteran teams with I assume fairly sizeable budgets. Let's hope they turn out to be worthwhile.

banger88126d ago

A new Mad Max game to coincide with the upcoming film would have been awesome. I loved the first game, I'm guessing it didn't sell too well as they never bothered following it up.

thorstein126d ago

The last one was under-appreciated. So much fun.

P_Bomb125d ago

Wish they finished the War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron trilogy.


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