The Persona series has sold over 22 million copies worldwide

The cumulative worldwide sales of the "Persona" series (package version shipments + download version sales) has exceeded 22 million copies (total of 22.6 million copies as of March 5, 2024).

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Persona 3 Reload, Like a Dragon Success Proves The Viability of Turn-Based RPGs

Nameer from eXputer: "With Persona and Like a Dragon, SEGA delivers a bold middle finger to the idea that turn-based games are outdated and I couldn't be happier."

Barlos36d ago

I love RPGs and spent 151 hours with Infinite Wealth. Currently playing through Rebirth and Reload, and I have to say I'm far more engaged with Reload because I prefer the turn based combat. I'm not a fan of the real time combat in Rebirth. If the game and story wasn't so good, I likely wouldn't entertain it at all. I much prefer turn based games.

CrimsonWing6935d ago

As someone who prefers turn-based I’ve real-time, I can definitively say I would choose Rebirth’s battle system over everything. It’s the perfect fusion of turn-based and real-time and I get. Rush using it over turn-based. That being said I do like the turn based for Infinite Wealth.

Barlos35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I agree, even over 150+ hours I never once found the combat in Infinite Wealth a chore, I loved every minute of it. I can't agree with Rebirth's system though. There's something about it that just doesn't click with me. I prefer pure turn based combat for sure. That's why I also enjoy Persona's combat so much - in particular P5 Royal. With all the Persona fusing options it adds a lot of depth, and you really can create the perfect Persona for you.

shinoff218335d ago

Same thing, nostalgia and story. My biggest issues in rebirth are combat, and not being able to talk to npcs.

VersusDMC35d ago

Persona 3 reload and infinite weath boasts sales of 1 million at launch on multiple platforms.



And Rebirth launched to 2 million which is seen as concerning on one platform.


Why is it more viable to make turn based games when they sell half as much?

Theses articles should at least highlight turn based games that sell the same or more than non turn based games to make a coherent argument. Like Pokemon or Honkai Star Rail.

Ironmike35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Rebirth sales are do wn there's multiple articles stating it hasn't sold as well I don't y game is fantastic but it hasn't done was well hope they do 3 as spent a lot time on both remake and rebirth but I like both turn based and live action

raWfodog35d ago

The author acts like turn-based RPGs are a dying genre. Recent successful games such as Octopath Traveler series, Sea of Stars, the Trails series, Honkai Star Rail, and Baldurs Gate 3 (mentioned in the article) would prove that there is still market out there hungry for them. I’m blessed enough to love both turn-based and action rpg games.


Persona 3 Reload Expansion Pass Is Free To Keep For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers

The expansion pass for Sega and Atlus' role-playing game, Persona 3 Reload, is free to keep for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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Kayser8166d ago

its true i just added into my account .
so stop lying .

Elda66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I wasn't lying. It wasn't free a few days ago. I just checked again & it is free.

Jingsing66d ago

"Free To Keep" irresponsible journalism.


Persona 3 Reload is February's top-selling title | Japan Monthly Charts

The Atlus RPG is the first PlayStation 5 title in eight months to take the top of the sales charts.

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