Pre-Beta on Tales of Destiny 2 Translation Is Happening

After never being released outside of Japan, a fan translation of PS2-era Tales of Destiny 2 is about to hit beta.

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25 Years of Tales Celebration - But What Are Bandai Namco Building Up To?

Toby @ FG: The Tales Of series is 25 this year, but are all the retrospectives building up to something?

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Vits1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

I would love some collections of older titles. A PC/Console port of Tales of Innocence would also be very nice.

autobotdan1247d ago

Tales of Desiny 1&2 4k collection would be nice

Vits1247d ago

For those I would like more a remake.

autobotdan1247d ago

Unfortunately both those games already had official Namco remakes on Playstation 2. They were Japan exclusives. Your talking about a 2nd Remake of the Playstation 2 Remakes? Haha Lol

Einhander19711247d ago

A new Ridge racer would be great, PS5 please.

autobotdan1247d ago

Tekken 8 please without any of the over the top crazy guest characters. Tekken doesn't need the Walking Dead tv show characters. And it doesn't need Robocop or Terminator lol


6 'Tales of' Games We Still Need in the West

Twinfinite Writes: The 'Tales of' series has seen increasing popularity in the west in recent years, however, there's still a number of titles we're still hoping to get.

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PiNkFaIrYbOi2551d ago

Won't hold my breath for any of these coming out west.

phoenixwing2551d ago

As much as i'd like to see them come west, I quite frankly would rather they focus on the new ones they make. I think that some of these i would find the fighting system archaic.

feraldrgn2551d ago

The updated version of Tales of Vesperia would be worth it.

amazinglover2551d ago

Easily my favorite "Tales of" Game I like the last 2 that came to the US but I miss the battle systems from earlier games new they were way more involved combat system compared to what we have now.

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New Tales Of Series Sale Launched On The Japanese PSN

Several portable entries of the Tales Of series are now available for reduced prices on the Japanese PSN.

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