The 7 Best Sega CD Games and How to Play Them Today

The Sega CD (aka Mega CD) had some classics that still live on today. Here's the 7 best Sega CD games & how to play them on modern consoles.

banger8879d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Series X/S + Dev Mode. It's a shame the retail mode emulators got removed, dev mode looks like a pain in the ass.

Neonridr79d ago

I use the Analogue Mega SG console coupled with a Mega SD everdrive that allows me to play Sega CD games through the cartridge without the need for the CD add-on. Have the 8-bitdo Sega Genesis 6 button wireless controller and it's the closest thing I can get to playing it as it was originally without owning old hardware.

Number1TailzFan79d ago

Final Fight was a great game on the CD, not only on the system but as a fighting game of the time as well. Up there in some ways with Streets of Rage 2 IMO. It's too bad they didn't continue putting the rest of them on there, the music is top notch too.

kevco3379d ago

I bought FF CD as a young teen after having loved the arcade/SNES version (despite the latter being watered down). Loved how immaculate a port it was.

TheBrainZ79d ago

Earthworm Jim is a classic, still have the original somewhere.

OtterX79d ago

There is some wrong information in this article. I just checked for Sonic CD and Shining Force CD on Nintendo Switch eShop (as stated in the article) across 4 different regions, and they are not available.

FinalFantasyFanatic79d ago

I know it's on Steam, but I don't recall seeing either of those games on Switch Eshop, I'm curios as to what region he found them on.

OtterX79d ago

Yea, I checked US, UK, JP and Portugal (my region), not on any of those.

I'd want these handheld, so hopefully I can get a Steam Deck by the end of the year 🙏

ZeekQuattro78d ago

Sega teased big things coming to the Sega Ages line of games but tapped out after about a year. I can't find any evidence that it was added to the Switch. The author must of mistaken it for the Shining Force 1 but even then that's part of the Sega Genesis collection not Ages.

Chocoburger77d ago

Sonic CD is in the Sonic Origins Collection, that's what he meant.

As for Shining Force CD, I don't know if its on the eshop, but it seems unlikely.

OtterX77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Well I'm really happy you responded with this!

I must have completely missed or forgotten about Sonic Origins. I was just looking at it, and it has the Game Gear titles too on the Plus version! (I had a Game Gear back in the day) Man, especially in handheld, that should be great. I just wishlisted it and will pick it up on the next sale.

Thanks a ton!

Chocoburger77d ago

Glad to have reminded you, but I do recommend checking out reviews on Sonic Origins Collection, while I own it (because I wanted the Japanese exclusive swag that comes with the Deluxe Pack), a lot of people are disappointed by it, and the Game Gear emulation, so some video reviews should help.

A lot of people complained that Sega should have emulated the superior Master System versions of the game, since they run at a higher resolution than the Game Gear ports.

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anast79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

They should release these as is for $100.

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jznrpg872d ago (Edited 872d ago )

I really enjoyed Commando as a kid and it’s not listed . I bet it’s cheap maybe? Beat all 99 levels just to find out you start all over again .

djl3485871d ago

You must be talking about Captain Commando and no it's not cheap...going for about $130.

Jiub872d ago

I'm surprised Illusion of Gaia doesn't cost more

Knightofelemia872d ago (Edited 872d ago )

Any retro console is still worth buying in 2022 whether a Genesis, NES, SMS, TG16. Some systems command a higher price then others but a SNES is still reasonably priced and worth grabbing you can mod the NA SNES to play Japanese games throw in an Everdrive and you're set. I feel sorry for some of the consoles I see on Ebay that have holes in them, yellowed to death, modified with shitty mods that barely work. The SNES might need a little work great way to learn if yellowed just use peroxide and UV light and it will turn white again. If you have a hobby of repairing older consoles that are listed as untested broken for parts some of the repairs are basic you can save money that way when buying a retro console. I just bought a $20 NES listed as broken on Ebay disable the lock out chip and new 72pin connector and it works.

Jiub871d ago

I imagine restoration work on retro consoles is going to become much more important as the years wear on. Sure, hundreds of thousands of certain consoles were made, but fewer exist every year.

Knightofelemia871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

Depends on the console a SNES for sure needs retrobrite the plastic grows brittle and literally falls apart same with the NES. A White Dreamcast also needs retrobrite if I remember right the TG16 needs new capacitors it suffers the same issue as the Game Gear. Most of the old handhelds need new screens since they fail with age my Game Gear had new capacitors put in and a McWill mod done to it. The NES needs the lock out chip disabled when the power light turns on and off maybe throw in a new 72pin as well. Sega Master System has an issue blowing out the 7805 voltage regulator. OG Xbox depending on the board revision needs a clock capacitor removed or it leaks and fries the board. N64 controller needs a new thumbstick Sega Genesis model 2 suffers from the solder around the power supply is prone to cracking hence the system will not power up. Sega CD model 1 the laser dies fast model 2 the rubber feet supporting the drive fail and the model is know to throw the pico fuse so it dies fast as well.

It also depends how you treat the system also I baby my shit. I don't throw it around like a football the systems I see that might need the most help going through the years are the ones that use lasers and discs. I know some systems have problems due to how they were built as well like again certain board revisions of an OG Xbox and the Game Gear. I have bought broken systems and picked them for parts. I actually enjoy fixing older systems it's relaxing and a great way to teach yourself new skills.