Games like Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth aren’t sustainable, and the Sony layoffs prove it

Do you want mushroom-picking minigames or a healthy industry? You can’t have both

phoenixwing87d ago

Halfway through their article I realized they're being stupid. They criticized ff for being a big game and introducing card games collectibles and side quests like ff never did it before. They've always been like that. Also I'd like to point out the fallacy of using ff 7 rebirth as an example of the wrong game to make. The game is so revered its bound to make bank. Also I and many others bought a ps5 just to play ff. Polygon are morons. As for the layoffs by Sony it's nothing to do with their third party agreements more to do with companies being cheap ba$tards as a whole. They even pointed out sony made a profit and playstation 5s are selling well. They mention it because they already know the counter argument but stating the counter argument alone doesn't change that it's right. Polygon made a nothing burger article.

Nitrowolf286d ago

They made a nothing burger of a game that just released this past Friday with no sales data or way to gauge it's success, all because they clearly wanted to bank on the games hype

Cacabunga86d ago

After all these years Polygon is still not clever enough to differentiate between a third party and first party game..

senorfartcushion86d ago

It's so dumb.

So they made online games for years on the Xbox 360 and PS3 with no microtransactions. Now they make more money than ever? This is despite the fact that every game HAS to have features that the majority of the public only prefer per CERTAIN games i.e. live service money wastes and microtransactions? And it's not sustainable?

How about if companies - Square Enxi for example - make games like The Avengers in the same way they would a Final Fantasy game? Makes sense. You won't lose any money. You'll get exactly what the public thinks you're worth.

chronoforce86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Rebirth is part 2 of a remake of a game that in 1997 was released complete. The next part is at least 3 years away. Spiderman 2023 will have much worse margins than Miles Morales and their next games would have exceeded 300m a piece if not for cuts. Shrinking margins are a concern for all the developers making cuts so where is fallacious thinking on the part of polygon?

Rebirth has a giant open world packed full of content; we can assume the budget is much higher than Remake. Even if Rebirth opens to 3.5m units like Remake did, it will still most likely represent a degradation of margins even if the game makes a profit.

The fact that they could not make a single game speaks volumes about how much development costs and timelines have increased.

senorfartcushion86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

It's their choice ultimately

It could have been an exact copy of Kingdom Hearts 3's build with new assets. That game is full and runs on PS4 with Disney licenses being paid for.

phoenixwing86d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Ill bite. First ill pretend that ff7 has shrinking margins for companies even though they are priced more and have dlc. Let's not even get into all the merchandising. Ff7 rebirth has shrinking margins for Square Enix ergo Sony has no margins because they paid square enix a set amount on exclusivity. Which makes your whole argument moot. Do you understand that? Basically polygon used the most hyped game of the month and tried to force a circle block in a square recess. They used next to no brain power when it came to critical thinking and this article.

But even then sony doesn't make games like ff7 rebirth anyway. I've yet to play a Sony game with a bunch of mini games. Also Sony very rarely makes jrpgs its not their style. Also practically every big dev fired workers this isn't a sustainability problem this goes back to dev companies only focusing on instant cash for shareholders and being greedy companies like I said.

Edit: they padded the story that's why it isn't in a single game. If they wanted to they could have made it a single one but why would you when they know they can release it a bunch of times and make 3 times as many sales

DOMination-85d ago

Margins for games shouod he at an all time high, especially for platform holders. Digital games are considerably cheaper than physical games

The reason why Spiderman has low margins is because Sony have to pay a huge percentage to Disney for licensing

phoenixwing85d ago

I'm also never reading a polygon article again. If this is the braintrust polygon has working there then I'd rather not catch a case of their stupidity

MrBaskerville85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

You forget that Remake alone is longer than the original Final Fantasy VII. Rebirth is double the length of the original game. Who knows how long the third will be.

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The Wood85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

polygon be polygon'ing. Their anti (ill say no names) rhetoric/milkshake used to bring a certain demographic to the yard. They're pretty much irrelevant nowadays....arh well

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Sciurus_vulgaris87d ago

Sony doesn’t develop Final Fantasy, which is something that should be obvious with the most basic of research.

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Knightofelemia87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

As far as I remember Sony sold off their shares they had in Squaresoft at the time. Sony did not and has not made FF7 they published the old FF7 game outside of Japan. But Sony's lay offs have nothing to do with this two different companies.

Hofstaderman86d ago

They resold the shares back to Square. Sony assisted Square after the Spirits Within fiasco.

purple10187d ago

websites like this, arn't sustainable,

and with this article, you just proved it.

Kekewei86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

But small or even indie studios are closing and laying off these days too , the studio behind Life is strange true colors lay off 20% just days before Sony did, what does that prove then?

Skuletor86d ago

That these so called journalists cherry pick information to support their own agenda.

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