Hands-On PREY

This isn't just another FPS, it's looking to include everything you could ask for from the genre.

What makes Prey unique is its use of gravity, or lack thereof. The gunplay is standard fare, and the game's modes (death match and team death match) aren't anything new, but we thoroughly enjoyed walking up walls, along ceilings, and then having everything reversed. For example, this one level we saw turns upside down every so often, so the floor would become the ceiling and vice versa. Then there's another in which players run across this gigantic sphere, but there's a much smaller sphere orbiting the big one, so what ensues are these insane battles in which people on both spheres are shooting all over the place. All of this definitely keeps things fresh and exciting, and seeing as how developer Human Head plans to put at least 8-10 maps into the game, we fully expect them to somehow make use of Prey's most popular features, in particular the portals that allow us to walk between different environments and better yet, blast opponents on the other side.

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omansteveo6187d ago

Im so pumped about this game new gameplay features with an awesome sci-fi story this game looks mind-blowing and i cant wait to play it

FamoAmo6187d ago

This game sounds like hella fun! Tomorrow or hopefully late tonight I will be playing this beatch!! After reading that I don't even need to play the demo it sounds amazingly interesting!!

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6187d ago
FamoAmo6187d ago

Stop posting that inappropriate crap!! Your rediculous.. Don't you have a life to get back 2?

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