Helldivers 2 Community Makes a Stand Against the Rising Number of Cheaters

More and more reports of cheating are cropping up.

Deathdeliverer48d ago

Good ol’ PC. What can I say? Love to see them join the party, but always waiting for them to do something stupid.

Sonic188148d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Not surprised

derek48d ago

This is the platform Sony believes presents a good growth opportunity. Lol

raWfodog48d ago

Cheating in a PVE game is so pathetic. Why even bother playing the game? That’s like cheating while playing Solitaire.


Would you rather they cheat in a PVP game? I couldn’t careless about people cheating in PVE…

jjb198148d ago

It sucks to get into a match where a cheating teammate just annihilates everything so you never get a chance to complete a challenge. You're right, it's not as bad as PvP but it still sucks.

raWfodog48d ago

You might not care about cheating in a PVE game but many other people do. Especially if it’s a team-based game. Read the article for first-hand accounts of other people who felt that it ruined the experience for them.

derek48d ago

PC has always brought in cheaters same with all the pirating of games. Never understood the love affair with pc as a platform.

Juancho5148d ago

Only top level losers cheat in PVE games.

repsahj48d ago

I hate it! Why do they cheat in a game with no competition between players and just all fun gameplay. I really don't get it.

Ninver47d ago

There's nothing to get. They're inadequate.

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Helldivers 2 players say "Reinforcements are not Grenades"

This is a public service announcement to reminds Helldivers 2 players that Reinforcement Stratagems are not to be used as Grenades.

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thorstein1h ago

Yes. They. Are. How else are we going to take out that bile titan?

Luc201h ago

Videogamer please leave this game alone


How to Get and Use the Eagle 500kg Bomb in Helldivers 2

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Bathyj3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Run under bile titan.
Throw directly under him.
Run out the back

Vlasay3h ago

I guess there’s no way to hide these articles 🤦‍♂️ I love HD2 and enjoy reading about the game, but an extra tutorial on how to get each weapon just seems desperate for clicks. Sad.

Mr_cheese3h ago

It's classic videogamer and now N4G click articles.

Said many times that we need to be able to have deeper filter choices in what we see.

Block website from your feed, tutorials, tips and tricks, etc.


Helldivers 2 player shares Anti-Materiel Rifle tips to defeat the Automatons

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deborah6216h ago

According to a Reddit user, Arc weapons are often overlooked, but they can be god tier. These weapons have the ability to melt enemies, provided your allies don’t accidentally step into your line of fire. So, if you’re looking for something powerful, give Arc weapons a try!

northpaws5h ago

Arc Thrower is my main. Stun locking hulk buster is so satisfying.